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Buried Secrets

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There is a group called The Vanished which only consisted of 10 members but they do kill people and vanish before someone can see or hear them. They kill people for a living but they don't get paid, they enjoy the killing they do. Nobody knows the leader of the group but they do know that all the 10 members know the leader. The 10 members are different people. One is shy and reserved from people, another can be harsh and ruthless but all of they are ruthless in their own way. They are one family that are called The Vanished. But One girl and one boy will destroy what they have become just by one death that they have caused.

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5 years ago...

Zari Andrews was a happy person she did what she was told and what would make everyone happy but after her sister was murdered she turned into a completely different person.

She never let anyone touch her and she did the opposite of what everyone wanted her to do. She became a person no one recognized. After Lana Andrews, Zari's Sister died everyone left Zari alone so she can find the person that killed her sister. She about everything to find them but it looks like they disappeared out of thin air. But when she finds the person that killed her foe or friend they were going to die pleading or not.

Asher Michaels was the only connection Zari had to her sister. He was Lana’s ex-boyfriend which caused more problems than it should have. He was convinced that someone in her family was involved in the murder but couldn’t prove a single thing.

He tried everything to prove that Lana was killed by someone in her family but he couldn’t. so he decided that the only way to get Lana revenged is to work with her best friend and sister, Zari Andrews.

Will the two find a way to trust each other or end up destroying the Andrew family before they get any proof?

Zari Andrews

Ash Parker

Lana Andrews

Kyle Bleaker

Gianna Montgomery

Nathan Wade

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