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[Clarity is clear to see] Can I forgive my sins or shall I die in vain ~* *~ The world is shit yet everyone prays for grace even each sin we all make has a price. Is the devil always to blame because an angel has they're own bad deeds ? Jodie complicated, manipulative, a guy who does and get himself trouble even when his intuition lead to bad cost his soul prides innocence and guilt after all he was the cause of his mother death and a murder of a close friend Xander hard headed yet attractive, addictive , mysterious and really hard to predict for his actions . The bad boy under a suit, million dollar smile and a manifest glory yet he troubles his heart for a guy that changed his life after that specific day when cautious went loose Complications stuck in a world filled with so many possibilities and tragic causes. Is love never meant for this two that they had to hide a crime that might haunt them for life , a pride to smile for they're actions? Can they survive the journey what is so called fam and money the spotlight they never wished for a image that was only meant for display when beneath was covered with hate and anger A dead girl and a mysterious friend wanting revenge for a lover from pain

Thriller / Romance
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Hopeless ...

Humanity is just a piece of a feather , who thought that happiness had to come with sad endings

My history with tragedy is always too keen for just another person to play the role of a victim.

Sad, loneliness, depressing and hell of a drama what can I say my heart drives with the title

Iron rose

I've been working on a song since last December , a song I promised to make my own mother proud for .

Again I don't have a word to start with. I want it to be a happy song not something depressing like me on the other hand.

I've been clueless once but not here or like this . A notification appears up on my laptop screen alerting my sister's request a video call from Skype starts in three seconds clicking that info as Amanda's face show

Gorgeous and less alive over the time difference from another continent

Young blood how's your studying?

So no greeting old hag I'm hurt .

The look on her face changed from a smile to an aggressive glare feeling a little twitch on my lips avoiding to smile

Ha ha very funny young blood I asked you a question

I'm doing great .... chilling that's all

Still thinking of mom ?

Clenching my jaw knowing that she can read me like a open book when a broken boy looses him most precious hope lost their life.

Pretty much ... can't stop .... but hey! What's the big deal ?

Your not ok-

I know I know that's okay , I just think it's best

Best for what? Avoiding your aunts , uncles and cousins ... wait plus dad

I know I need-

Being alone doesn't help Jodie you know that better than me .

Then who should I stay with ?

Regret that word that I still fear after a mistake I commit a mistake I can't face again. Those words stole everything that I was trying to run from

Come here ... come home.

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