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Living My Dreams

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Three normal best friends living in a completely normal world or so they thought. One night they all had a terrible dream, no people, no sunlight, no hope. They wake up to question was that just a dream, or is this my new reality?

Thriller / Adventure
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Living the life

Hey, I’m Paisley and you are about to hear about my new, crazy, not-so-normal reality.
I always had a pretty normal life along with 3 best friends Jas the chatty one, Kennedy the funny one, Alice the quite one, and me the loyal one The only thing not so normal about what my life used to be is my mother passed away when I was young to young to even remember her
I’m going to start my story a day before my new reality unless you want to hear about me being born, going to school, and having a normal life. If you do want to hear about that then find someone else’s diary to read!
“beep beep beep,” ugh it’s 6:00 already? “beep beep beep click,” it’s fine snooze is only like 5 minutes right? The warm bright sun glaring through my blackout shades is what wakes me up next. “WHAT,” I shouted. “It can’t be one! How can it be one?”Oh, I hit the wrong button, “slaps face.” “Papa!” Oh, right he’s at work. My Papa and I had never been the wealthiest family at least not after my mother died so he left the house every day at 9:00 am to go to work. His leaving never really bothered me because I had school but he had to work weekends or he would’ve gotten fired. The thing that sucked about it was I never got to spend time with him he was gone for 15 hours of the day so the only time I got to see him was in the mornings if I even woke up early enough. I decided I would just stay home that day. I grabbed my phone and began texting my friends “Hey guess who’s skipping school today!” No reply “hey are you guys ignoring me?” No reply
They would normally reply quickly but they were probably just doing school work I had nothing to worry about. I went for a quick walk and helped out Mrs. Green by bringing her dog along with me. It was a warm, windy day, the sun now tucked behind the gloomy clouds. And I was just an innocent little girl helping out a poor old lady. I decided to go to bed again. I know I sleep a lot!
“Beep beep beep” pause “beep beep click” “Ha your not fooling me again loser!” I shouted. “Good morning! I made you your favorite,” papa exclaimed, “cinnamon rolls!” “Thanks, Papa,” I mumbled. Papas cinnamon rolls were the best they were warm, soft, sweet, and perfectly cooked everyone had always asked for the recipe but papa always denied it. It wasn’t an opinion thing if you liked papas cinnamon rolls or not everyone liked them including Drogo who hated and I mean hated cinnamon rolls.
After I had gotten around for school I ran out the rusted old door and caught the bus. We all had saw each other in the hallway and did our handshake.
after all my classes my friends and I decided to meet up which was the worst decision I have ever made. We went to Alice’s house for a sleepover and we’re planning to pull an all-nighter but we all ended up falling asleep I don’t quite remember how but after I drank a ice cold glass of water and I just passed out.
Alone. I was alone when I “woke up” the house was on fire also all the buildings around it. It was cold, lifeless, dark, and I had no hope whatsoever. “Pst Paisley,” Alice whispered. Thank goodness it was just a dream! Or so I thought.
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