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MASSACRE- eight episode- Dive into 50mts Of Past

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Jay finds his mom's body and he find his father's watch and get to know the suspects of his dad's murder, when he go meet the last suspect they will be dead in front his eyes and she gonna say a name

Thriller / Action
Nagaraj Bumula
Age Rating:

Eight episode- Dive into 50mts Of Past

Jay and Raj dive in to the 50mts of the cliff in to the water, Jay felt his mom presence in the water and he felt she touched him... he felt she went through her, then Jay goes into the train from front and Raj goes into the train from back, Jay saw lots of scary things in the train like skeletons of dead in the train and their half decomposed brunt body, which remembers him, their screaming during death, Jay stops thinking about their stuff and he heard his mom voice and screaming and while he was swimming suddenly he saw a shining object near a skeleton, he remembers that it was his mom's and he goes to the skeleton and cries with a lot of pain then, Raj comes from back saw Jay on a dead body, thinks he lost oxygen and takes him to the surface of the water and open his ventilator for oxygen and Raj hear sobbing and stops him, takes to cliff with the help of rope by Chaitanya on the cliff... then Jay realises he is holding his mom's necklace, Jay thought Dr. Phanindra knows something about this necklace, then everyone went Phanindra's office to know about this necklace... then Phanindra says that's my gift to your parents anniversary, this necklace and your dad's watch are connected... I have a tracking device which looks like pager, which can track your dad and your mom at the same time... Jay insisted to track that watch and watch was in police station, they went to police station, policeman didn't allow Jay, Raj and Chaitanya Jr., but one of higher police officer came to that policeman and let them go in and let they have what they want, Jay and others go in and get watch in the evidence box and find some files of suspects, in that file, he saw Dr. Phanindra, client Hemanth Yadav, Meghana Reddy, but without any proper reason police arrested Meghana, Phanindra was suspected as, his clients are so low but... Dr. Ravinder's clients are higher than a average therapists get, Jay questioned Phanindra about this, Phanindra answered that was tough time... it happens after all he was bestfriend and one and only friend... if I kill him I'll be the lonely person ever... so, I can't kill him... even I was busy with his clients on his days off and I didn't even went to home and didn't see my kids for straight two to three days... I was so exhausted and can't even come to the place where my bestfriend's ceremony, then we checked about next suspect, that he was Jay's father client, once he tried to kill Jay's father because he was so depressed due to his love past, his love who he thought she is the one who he was going to spend his rest of life, but she was cheating him with one of his friends, it broke his heart very badly and he started being alone and with her thoughts and whenever he see any couple or guy with beard and specs, he thinks of that guy who she was cheated with, one day Dr. Ravinder came to office with beard and specs on, he thought he is that guy and Hemanth got knife in his hand from road side, he went to stab Dr. Ravinder, mention of luck... Jay's dad was alive then, because when Dr. yells to stop, Hemanth recognise his voice and starts crying, started saying, I'm an idiot Dr. I'm an idiot, sorry, you have to help me... Dr. tries his level best to recover him and in his life that will be gonna be his last session, then suddenly he was disappeared from the hospital and ran away where she left him alone, railway station crying like a baby for that girl, in that pain he fall asleep like a baby on the day, where Jay and with his family traveling on that train, he was found on CCTV, did nothing whole day, Jay understand the feeling he was going... Jay knows that he is not the one who killed his father, Jay goes to next suspect who is Meghana Reddy, she was in love with Dr. Ravinder, when she was in college... she is going to confess the feelings to Dr., but he was already in love with Aruna, so... she was so depressed in that incident, even though she confessed... but he just didn't answered because he didn't want to hurt her but Dr. answered no with his friend, still she keep stalking even these two got a new born in their life, on the day when Dr. and his family going out of station she came to the city from the same train, so in CCTV she didn't appeared that she didn't exit from the main exit, with that reason police arrested her and locked her in central jail... that's it, nothing there imwas nothing about her except this, Jay wants to meet her personally and condole her for his dad's death... Jay, Chaitanya Jr., and Raj took an appointment to meet her privately outside with the help of Chaitanya indirectly Detective Athreya... next day they all went to meet Meghana in a secured hotel with low population in the hotel, when they together walking towards Meghana suddenly she got shot in the head and she fells with lots of blood on her face and floor and Jay run towards her and holds her in his hands gives a name to him... that name was...

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