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There’s nothing I can look forward to.

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You read the title alright. I have nothing to look forward to. But one day, I saw that the sun was getting bigger every second. I couldn’t believe it..

Thriller / Fantasy
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The beginning starts near the end.

I was waking up like I do every morning. I looked out of my window to see something strange. I was still waking up so I didn’t exactly know if this was my head. I didn’t really worry about it much. I just wanted it to be night already and get the day over with. I live a pretty boring life. No friends, a mom that loves me dearly, and a dad that passed away. I was only 7 years old when he passed away. I didn’t understand I would t see him again. I was so young. But soon, I found out I wouldn’t see my poor dad again. My dad was a wonderful man. He loved me a lot. When he was in the hospital s dying he told me these exact words.. “I wish I could have played with you more. But this is my last time I can see you again. I’m sorry. I’ll see you in heaven when it’s your time as well.. Take care.” Those three sentences were the last sentences he said. I saw doctors rushing into his room, trying to save him. But it was to late. He was gone. Me and my mom went home that day. She was trying her best not to cry, but I could tell she was sad. So, so sad. That night all she did was sob. She didn’t know how to tell me he was gone. Years later, when I was 11 years old, she finally told me he wasn’t coming back. She tried not to cry while telling me but, I could tell she was going to. She told me that when someone passes away, hell they won’t come back to earth. You cant see them. You cant play with them anymore. I was a dumb child. I he was gone for that long I should’ve known he wouldn’t come back. For a while, my mom said he was on a business trip somewhere far away, and he would come back soon. I was foolish to believe in her. That night I questioned if it was true. Is she right? I cant play with him anymore? No more hugs, no more dress up, he cant even hold me anymore. What an idiot I was. Never seeing my dad again scarred me.
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