Her New Family

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Chapter 9πŸ–€

The door swings open and a man comes rushing through it looking calm but taking in the state I'm currently in.

"What's the problem? Why are you banging on my door so late at night?" The man asked, and crossed his arms.

"Please-sir, we were in a car accident and my friend was badly hurt. We just need to get dry and maybe use your phone?" I say

The man looks around me at Kara and Courtney as a woman comes through the doorway holding her hand over her mouth while looking at us.

"Honey, stop being rude and let these young girls inside. Don't you see how wet and scared they look?" The woman tells him, and pushes him out the way.

"Come on in dears, don't mind my grumpy husband" she giggles and motions for us to come inside.

"T-thank you," I say and quickly walk back to Courtney and help her carry Kara inside the house.

Looking around as we walk in, I see it's a very simple-looking hallway. a few family pictures hanging on the flower-covered wallpaper.

"Please follow me into the living room," the woman says, grabbing my arm and leading us deeper down the hall.

"In here," she says as Courtney and I walk to the couch and gently lay Kara down on it.

The living room is much like the hallway, very simple things, bare. A couch, a small TV, a few family pictures again, and a side table on each side of the couch.

"Please, could we use your phone?" I quickly ask the woman, turning towards her.

"Sorry, honey, but the phone lines messing up with the storm and all. I'll go get you some towels so yall can dry off." She says, before walking out the door.

Are the phones not working?... What will we do? I don't think Kara can last like this through the night.. She lost too much blood to be healthy.

The man just stands in the corner of the room watching us. Yeah, that's not that creepy jeez but I get it. We are strangers and we are in his home after all.

The lady comes into the room a few minutes later and hands the towels to me and Courtney.

Courtney starts to dry herself off first but I lean down on the side of the couch and start to try to dry Kara off as best as I can before I dry myself a little and wrap my hair in a towel to help it dry.

"Yall are welcome to stay the night," the lady says as she stands in the doorway.

"But- we need to find Kara some help-" I start to say

"I'll have a look at her and in the morning, I'll have one of my sons take her to the nearest hospital," she says and leans against the door frame.

"Why can't he just take her tonight?? She will get worse" I plead with her, but she shakes her head.

"Have you seen the weather outside, girl? It's hurricane weather around here. I'm not allowing one of my sons out there" she snaps at me.

Taken back by her sudden snap, I slowly sit down on the side of the couch by Kara's feet.

Okay, I don't have any other choice I guess. I don't want to make them upset, they are allowing us to stay here where it's dry and warm at least.

"Come on, I'll show yall to our quest room and once I have yall settled I'll come back down here and tend to yalls friend," she says

"Oh, thank God. I'm so tired" Courtney complains.

"Yeah, I guess we don't have another option right now until the storm passes" I sigh loudly and stand up following the lady out the door after checking on Kara once last time.

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