Her New Family

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Chapter 10πŸ–€

The woman leads us up the stairs and shows us into an almost empty room except for a bed and a lamp right next to it. I'm not complaining because it's somewhere warm and dry to rest for the night, could be so much worse.

"I'll bring yall each one of my nightgowns so yall can get dry," the woman says before walking out the room.

"I hope Kara will be alright" I whisper to Courtney as we stand in the middle of the room waiting for the women to get back.

"She will be fine, Izzy. Jesus. We just fucking walked miles in the cold rain for her. She will be fine and I expect a very huge thank you from her" she says in an annoyed tone.

Thank you? I mean yeah, a thank you is always nice to hear, but I don't even care if she tells me thank you as long as she doesn't die.

"I'll just be happy if she lives," I tell her.

I'm too tired to start a fight with her in strangers' homes.

Courtney rolls her eyes at me as the woman walks back into the room.

"Here ya go, Dears. Quickly change before you start to get sick" she tells us and turns her back but doesn't leave the room.

Being that she is turned around, Courtney and I quickly peel off our wet clothes. They feel like they are stuck to my body.

Courtney holds up the nightgown and scolds..what.

"You don't have anything that looks better than this? It looks like something Izzy here would wear" Courtney says annoyed.

I widen my eyes on her. I can't believe she said that. These people didn't have to allow us into their home, these people didn't have to give us towels to even dry us off and this woman here didn't have to give strangers her clothes just so we wouldn't get sick well.. Worse than we already will.

"Don't be rude Courtney" I whisper in an angry tone.

I honestly can't believe her right now. After all, that's happened tonight she is worried about what she is sleeping in?

"I'm just saying. I should have grabbed my bag from the car." She says, loudly.

"So where are you girls from?" The lady asks, as she turns around.

"Kansas," I tell her, adding a smile at the end hoping that will ease what Courtney just said.

"Your family must be worried if they tried calling yall. I'm sorry the phone isn't working" she says as she watches us sitting down on the bed.

"My mom will be worried," Courtney says, sadly "I miss my bed"

"And you?" The lady turns her head, and looks at me.

"I live with a foster family and they don't care" I whisper and shrug my shoulders.

"Pitty. They don't know what they're missing then. I always wanted a daughter but the Lord blessed me with 2 sons instead" she smiles at me.

Yeah, it really was a pity.

"Well, you girls get some rest. I'll go check on yalls, friend" she says, getting off the bed and heading out the door.

Climbing into bed huff at Courtney "did you need to be so rude over clothes tonight?"

"What? Not everyone likes wearing old clothes. I hope that woman doesn't have a skin disease or something" she says as a shudder goes through her body before climbing into bed with me.

I closed my eyes and thought I'd be happy with a nice woman like that as a mother.

I quickly fall asleep for a little while before something wakes me... I could have sworn it was a scream but maybe it was the wind howling outside.

My throat hurts me and I raise my hand to my nose and see that it's running. Great, I'm getting sick already, I close my tired eyes and try to get more sleep.

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