Her New Family

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Chapter 11πŸ–€

Waking up I feel something cold pressing against my forehead, I blink my eyes open looking up I see a boy around my age standing above me.

"Hmm," I try to ask what's going on but nothing comes out, I feel so tired.

"Oh, good, you're awake. You have been sleeping on and off for days. You ran a high fever last night, it kind of scared me" says the boy as he smiles down at me.

He's kinda cute. Brown hair and blue eyes, full lips- I stop thinking as I started coughing hard.

He pulls me up, making me sit as he starts to hit on my back while I cough more.

"We think you got sick from all the rain. I have been taking care of you" he whispers.

"T-thank you," I say softly and close my eyes again and fall back asleep and I feel him laying my body back down gently.

So sweet I think before I'm out.

Several hours later I'm waking up again, nobody is here with me, the boys are not here with me this time so I turn and I don't see Courtney anywhere.

Maybe she got better and went home?

I need to wake up and check on Kara, hopefully, they were able to get to her the hospital.

I slowly sit up in the bed feeling my body start to ache all over, yeah I was sick probably had pneumonia-like I was scared to catch.

I stand up having to grab the edge of the bed to keep myself from falling over and just stand still for a bit.

I have been standing for probably around 3 minutes before the boy from the last time I woke up comes back into the room with a bowl of something.

My stomach chooses that moment to crawl loudly and I can't help but take a big sniff into the air. Ahh, that smells so good.

"Hey, you are awake. You shouldn't be out of bed though. You have been sleeping for days, you need to rest a bit" he says as he walks closer to the bed and sets the bowel down on the side table he or maybe his mother brought in here.

"Ho-hows, Kara?" I ask him taking a slow swallow, feeling my throat burning.

"She is just fine. We brought her to the hospital the next morning. She made it through and her family came and got her" He smiles and starts to push me gently back onto the bed.

"Ho-how about Courtney?" I ask again trying to fight his pushing, but it's no use my body's too weak at the moment.

"She is good as well. Called her parents and they came and picked her up" He says as he swings my legs back into bed and covers me up.

She just left me here? These people are very nice, but what if they were murderers? Why didn't she make me wake up and go home with her and her parents? I'm sure this boy could have picked me up and put me in the car. He looks very muscular.

Maybe she never really cared about me as a friend if she left me so easily.

"So they are both alright?" I ask, and bundle the covers up to my chin. I feel so cold, I can feel the goosebumps on my arms and my hair sticking up.

"Yes. They are both just fine" he says

"D-Did Courtney want to take me with her?" I ask, softly

"I'm not sure. She didn't say anything about you when her family came" He says and shrugs his shoulders.

"How about we try to get some food into your body?" He asks as he dips the spoon into the bowel, and it comes out with a little bit of soup on it.

Nodding my head I open my mouth and he feeds me, he slides the spoon into my mouth, and it's so good. I swallow it slowly, savoring the taste and the warmth the soup gives to my body.

"What's that? It's really good" I ask him after he gives me another spoonful.

"Oh, it's just meat and Veggies," He says and feeds me another bite.

"It's good" I mumble after swallowing the next spoonful.

His feeding me is so cute.

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