Her New Family

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Chapter 12πŸ–€

"How did you like it?" He asks me after I get done, eating every bite from the bowel. It was very good. I don't know if it was because I was starving or if it was just so good.

"It was good" I whisper and lay my head back on the bed. I feel like I have been run over by a truck.

"Good. I'm glad. I hunted the meat myself" He says and smirks puffing out his chest a little.

He's so cute I think inside my head and try hard not to blush and embarrass myself.

"Was it hard to hunt?" I ask him. Trying to get to know this boy before I have to leave... I kinda really don't want to though...

"Nah. Me and my family have been doing this for years. It's a generation thing, I guess you could say" He says and climbs into bed with me but keeping a space between us which I thought was very thoughtful.

"Oh, that's good. I wish I knew how to hunt" I tell him and lay down laying my head down on my pillow.

"I could teach you, one day. Maybe if you stay?" He blushes as he asks me that, but sends me a little smile.

"I don't have anyone here to stay with though," I say sadly and close my eyes fighting back my tears. It hurts so much not to have a family to love me.. It hurts to be alone, not knowing your parents, not knowing anything about your family. Not even health issues. Nothing at all.

It's hard to be alone for birthdays, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I never really had a birthday party and I haven't gotten a Christmas present in 12 years. One of my foster family's got me one toy one year for Christmas. It was a baby doll and I cherished that thing. It was the only thing I was ever given.

"You could stay here?" He asks throwing his arm over his eyes, to I guess hide his face as he asked that.

"I don't know-" I start to say, but he cuts me off softly

"I feel a connection with you, I have as soon as I saw you lying on this bed." My mom didn't even ask me to take care of you, I just started to because I wanted to get to know you" he says and turns on his side facing me.

"But wouldn't your parents mind?" I ask, just as softly as he said it.

"No, my mom thinks it's a wonderful idea" He beams down at me and runs a finger slowly through my messy hair. It's not as knotted as I thought it would be.

"I figured my hair would be a wreck right now" I joke and softly laugh, not expecting what he says next.

"I combed it for you-" He says.

"You did? That's so sweet-" I can feel my eyes start to water.

I have never had someone care about me the way this boy does already.

"What's your name?" I ask him and turn to myself sideways, to face him back.

"Kyle," He tells me and smiles.

"I'm Izzy" I send him a smile his way and we talked into the night.

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