Her New Family

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Chapter 13πŸ–€

It was nice talking with Kyle last night, we talked a little bit before bed. He helped me eat some more soup and he even brushed my hair saying it had been his nightly routine for the past week and was used to it, so I let him. It was nice, actually really freaking nice to feel like somebody cared about me.

He asked me to stay and I don't know if I should, its a bit crazy, right? Said so we can to see if something could happen between us, and the mom said she would love to have a daughter like me.. It made me feel like I kinda belonged here, which is crazy, but I never had that. I've never had anybody show me any kind of kindness for any reason other than what they wanted.

I don't have anything to go home to. Friends that just left me at a stranger's home, and I checked my phone I still have no service but I'm sure I haven't got any missed calls or texts. If they were worried about me, Courtney would have made her parents take me home and Kara knew I was here too and once she got better, she could have told her parents I was here but she didn't. Both of my best friends abandoned me.

I'm feeling quite lonely right now, so is it really so horrible to stay here? For once in my life, I'd like to be cared for; who knows, maybe they'll celebrate my birthday with me and I'll finally have a birthday cake.

I hear a soft knock on the door, it breaks me out of my thoughts, and sits higher in the bed leaning my back against the pillow.

When she sees that I'm awake, she comes in with a tray of food and grins at me, which makes my heart hurt.

"Look who's finally woken up. My son must be overjoyed "As she places the meal tray in front of me in the bed, she says.

"Yes- t-thank you very much for taking care of me, I'm sorry I was such a bother," I regrettably admit. I apologize for always being such a burden to everybody around me. I was such a burden that my birth mother abandoned me on the stairs of a fire station when I was two years old, according to what I was informed. When my foster family fussed over the food I'd eat and the clothes they'd have to buy for me, I felt like a burden.

"It's a load of nonsense, Dear. "We take care of our family," she says tenderly, patting my hand with her own.

Family? Is that their impression of me? The thought makes me want to burst out laughing and hug this woman for her comments, but I restrain myself. What if it turns out to be too wonderful to be true?

"I-I am grateful for everything that has been done for me. I do, and I quickly rub my fingers against my eye to catch a tear before it falls down my face.

"You're welcome to thank me if you insist on doing so, my dear. First and foremost, put your family first. Always. Whatever the case may be. Always keep that in mind. First and foremost, consider your family "She gives me a friendly grin.
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