Her New Family

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Chapter 15πŸ–€

"The boys are going hunting tonight. They should bring us back some fresh meat" she says and looks at me closely.

"That's cool. I wonder what they will bring back" I say, I'm truly interested in the things this family likes to do.

"Oh, I'm sure who-whatever it is will be plenty enough meat for us" she smiles and stands up from the bed.

"You should rest again dear, you are looking a lot better but I want to make sure you get enough rest," she says and softly closes the door after exiting out the room.

I lay my body back on the bed getting comfortable, I snuggle up into the heavy blanket on top of me and let my mind wander again about staying and I think I should give it a try.

A couple of hours later I wake up and nap and climb out of bed. I think I should go down and get to know the family I'll be staying with, I smile to myself.

Skipping out the door with a big smile on my face, I head downstairs to search for anyone to talk with and I see the father sitting down in the living room.

"Hi" I whisper as I walk through the living room door.

He looks up from the TV and nods his head but doesn't say very much to me.. Maybe he needs time. I understand he needs more time.

I sit down on a chair and start to watch TV but I can't pay attention to the show long as his voice cuts through the voices.

"My wife and son informed me that you will be staying here with us, You need to know that if you become part of this family, that you do things our way. You do that and we will be your family forever. You will never be alone again but you have to put family first" He tells me as I look towards him nodding my head.

"I understand, sir. Family first. That's what I always wanted" I smile up at him.

We start to watch TV again until the thought of my friends comes rushing into my head. I should check on them. That's what friends do and maybe they are concerned about me and just don't know the number to call me here.

"Could I use the phone and maybe check on Kara and Courtney?" I asked, softly

"I'm sorry, Izzy. They didn't ask about you. I think it's best you don't give them a second thought. They left you behind and I don't think they were your friends" He tells me sternly.

Nodding my head in understanding I turn back to watch TV. Maybe the man's right, they were never actually my friends and were using me to do their homework.

That thought only makes me more depressed as I think of all the long years of our friendship being pretend. And that hurts so much. I feel like I have been abandoned all over again and it honestly breaks my heart.

"My son's will be back soon from hunting. You will be able to see what our family enjoys. For now, though, why don't you go help my wife in the kitchen?" He says, and jerks his head towards the door.

"Yes sir," I say and slowly climb out of the chair, I don't know if his wife needs help or he wants me gone but honestly I'd much rather talk with the woman she is so lovely.

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