Her New Family

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Chapter 16πŸ–€

Heading into the kitchen, I hear the lady singing a soft song as she is cutting up vegetables on the kitchen table.

"Hi" I smile at her and walk towards the table taking a seat next to her.

"Hello, dear. How are you feeling?" She asks me, as she cuts another slice of carrot.

"So much better. My head still feels fogging but I think that's just from sleeping too much" I explain.

"Yes, probably so. My son will be delighted to see that you're awake and out of bed today" she tells me

"Need some help?" I ask her, picking up a carrot and the additional knife on the table.

"Sure, darling. I'd love some help. Households full of boys can get very tiring sometimes" she smiles before laughing.

Smiling at her, I start to slice the carrot in the exact size she is.

"What does your family do?" I ask her, trying to get to know them.

"Oh, we do our land darling. We live mostly off the things we grow here. And my son's and husband do little jobs in town to bring in extra money, but as for how we live, we only depend on family"

That sounds so nice, I won't lie. Having a family like this. It sounds amazing.

"That's awesome that yall can do that" I whisper trying to stop the tears from coming out as the thought of belonging to a family like this.

"We make due dear. Sometimes it's difficult but our family sticks together" she explains as he picks up a tomato and starts to cut that into some pieces.

Suddenly I hear a vehicle pulling up towards the front porch and I can't help the smile that forms on my lips at the thought of seeing Kyle again. I have been smiling so much today it feels so good to have something to smile about.

Soon the door swings open and I hear footsteps walking towards the kitchen and I see Kyle start to walk in.

"Mom, Ima go check on- oh Izzy! You're awake" He gushes and rushes to my side and puts his hand on my forehead, I guess, to check for my temperature.

"Yes. I'm feeling a lot better this morning. You have been taking such good care of me so it's all thanks to you" I smile at him.

"Your most definitely welcome, I couldn't leave a pretty girl like you like that" He smiles down and kisses my head.

My heart soared through my chest at the feeling of his lips touching my head gently.

"Did you have a good hunt, son?" The woman asks Kyle, with a strange look on her face.

"Yes, ma'am. We caught her" He says and waves his head towards the way he came in.

"Her?" I ask, being completely confused for a minute.

"Oh, something tried to get away the other day but my brother finally got it" He smirks down at me.

"Oh, I'm happy yall was able to catch it, then" I smile back as he quickly picks up a piece of carrot and pops it into his mouth.

I playfully swat his arm and he laughs at me.

The father suddenly walks into the kitchen cutting off laughter with a stern face.

"It's time, boy. Go help your brother bring it in" He jerks his head towards the front house.

"Yes sir," He tells his father and then turns to me.

"Please, try to be understanding about what's about to happen. Okay? Promise me you won't run" He begs.

Why would I run? I mean I never hunted but I can handle seeing a dead animal sheesh.

Rolling my eyes and saying " I promise. I can handle a dead thing, trust me"

Does he not know how many times I ran away from the foster homes and slept in the parks or alleyways with rats crawling all around.


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