Her New Family

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Chapter 17πŸ–€

I'm looking around the kitchen when I start to hear screaming, oh my gosh is someone hurt? I quickly jump out of the chair but the father moves fast towards me and pushes me down on the seat shaking his head at me.

"Stay sitting," He says.

"But-" I started, but he cut it off roughly.

"No buts. You said you understood. Family first, or were you lying? Do you not want a family that loves you?" He snaps at me, and jerks back my head from his sudden anger.

"I-I-I understand, sir-" I say

"Then enough" he snaps again.

I'm completely taken back by the hostility he is showing me now.

The screaming gets louder and louder and my chest starts to hurt. What is going on? That sounds like women. But why would a woman be screaming? They said they were hunting.Maybe I'm dreaming from the fever?

The kitchen door swings open and I see an older boy walking through the door his back turned towards us as he is carrying something, straining my head to see his carrying a woman. Wait... A woman and she is screaming.

Kyle follows him inside the kitchen holding the women's feet as she struggles to get out of their arms and I see she is wearing a nightgown.

That's...That's- oh my fucking God that's the same nightgown Courtney was wearing the night we first went to bed here.

Is that Courtney!?!????

I try to jump up to get a better look as they toss the screaming woman on the ground and she is begging them to stop and I hear it. I hear her voice and I know that's Courtney.

"Why-What's going on?" I rush out, starting to panic

I'm looking around at all the family members trying to understand what's happening but Noone answers me, they just stare at me while the women are screaming.

I quickly bring my head low under the table to get a better look and I finally see her face, she is so dirty and crying and her legs bleeding.

I don't understand. I thought they told me her parents picked her up?!

"Why-why? What's going on?" I scream loud trying to jump off the chair and rush to Courtney, but the father digs his fingers into my shoulder holding me down on the chair.

"Get the straps ready sons," His father tells them and they both say yes sir, and leave the room.

I don't feel safe at all. I want to go home now, I had allowed myself to think I finally found some type of happy home but I didn't... instead, I found this.. I don't even know what to call it.

"I-Izzy," I hear Courtney whispering. She sounds like she is in so much pain it breaks my heart. I thought she left me but she didn't. She didn't leave me at all.

"I'm- I'm here, Court" I whisper

"Help me" she cries out once she hears my voice

Hearing that I jerk my shoulder out of the man's hold and rush over to her, throwing my body down on the ground next to her and grabbing her hands to try to help her stand up.

"We-we need to go-" she whispers while tears are rushing down her face.

"We will-" I start to say but I cut myself off when I see the two boys coming back into the kitchen holding some type of metal thing with chains on it and placing it in the corner of the room and looking down, I see a drain in the floor. What's that doing there??

"Get her up now" the man orders the boys and starts to walk towards us and throw my body over Courtney's trying to help her.

"N-no, please l-leave her alone" I cry out when I feel one trying to pull me off her and the other pulling at her arms to make her let go of me.

"She had a choice" the mother finally speaks up and I can't breathe. She seemed so normal they all did.. Kyle.. The sweet Kyle that nursed me back to health isn't the Kyle that's now trying to pull me off my friend.

"What choice?" I cry, and tighten my hands around her body.

"My older son gave her a choice. Be with her and we would be her family or she would be used to feed our family" she says simply likes it's not even a big issue. Wait... Did she say feed?



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