Her New Family

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Chapter 18πŸ–€

"P-please, you don't have to do this" I cry loudly and start to feel my eyes burning because I'm crying so much.

I'm struggling against Kyle's arm, trying to kick my feet out to catch the brother and make him drop Courtney but I can't reach him, which only makes me want to cry harder. I can't believe this is happening, this is all my fault. I should have listened to Courtney when she said this was too dangerous. They just seemed so normal.

"Please, we won't tell" I plead loudly.

"Izzy! Izzy, please help me!!!" Courtney's screaming as loud as she can, while trying to get her body out of the brother's arms. She swings her head back hard-knocking his head backward, making it loosen his grip and she pulls herself out of his arms and starts to take off to the front door.

"Run Courtney fucking get help!" I scream at her, so glad that she could maybe get away and get us some help.

The father takes off after her, stretching his arm out he grabs her hand and swings her back into the kitchen making her hit her back hard against the wall.

He walks up to her, bending down and pulling her left pants leg up, and quickly cuts a little above the heel of her foot making her unable to use that leg as she screams so loudly from the pain her face becomes red.

"Kyle. Kyle listen to me. You are better than this. Your so sweet please help me" I cry at him grabbing his face to make him look at me.

"No. Family first, Izzy fucking remember! She will tell on us. We can't just let her fucking go." He yells at me, and pushes me hard on the ground.

I slam to the ground on my right arm, feeling the sheering pain shooting up my arm. Fuck it. What the fuck did I get us into?! We should have just stuck on the road.

Looking up and pushing my hair off my sweaty face, I see the brother starting to hang Courtney on that metal frame above the kitchen drain.

What are they going to fucking do?

"One more time. Be mine or be used to feed my family" the brother whispers and slowly picks up a knife letting a smirk form on his lips.

"No. I'll never want to be with a sick freak like you!!" She wails loudly right before he slaps her across her face, to make her shut up.

"You chose for us then," He says and quickly slices a long cut right across her stomach and I watch as her blood starts pouring out her body.

Kyle leaves me sitting on the ground and walks over next to his brother and pushes his fingers inside the cut and starts pulling out organs and throwing them in a bucket in the corn next to the drain.

"Courtney!!!" I scream as loud as I can, hearing my screams echoing around the empty home.

Oh my God. She's dead. He killed her. And the guy I thought was so cute is now digging her organs out of her body like he would be skinning a fucking deer.

Suddenly I feel my throat burning as throw-up comes pouring out of my mouth and onto the kitchen floor.

I just keep staring at Courtney's body, what if they killed Kara too? She was so weak she wouldn't have been able to fight them off her.

Oh, my poor friends. I did this to them. I insisted on coming here for help and I got them both killed.

I can't look away, I have to watch what they are doing, I deserve to feel this. I deserve the sickness that's now rushing through my body as I watch them start to cut her and pull her skin off, which makes me throw up even more gagging loudly.

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