Her New Family

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Chapter 2πŸ–€

Kara breaks through my thoughts as she turns the radio down, turning herself in the seat to look at me while Courtney drives down the long highway.

"You would have had more fun if you would have come out to party with us," she says

"Yeah, but we would have had to dress her Court, she wouldn't have been able to come with us with what she packed. That would have been embarrassing" Courtney added.

Rolling my eyes I look out the window, see what I mean about the comments. They always got something to say and it's never anything nice. I'm the reason they both passed high school. They freaking partied way too much and never would do their homework causing me to have to do it for them or watch them fail and I was too much of a nice person to let that happen to my friends.

Sometimes I think I should have just let them start failing then maybe they would have knocked it off with the parting and made time to study, I don't know what they will do at college. They definitely will be partying more than they both want to pledge for this house in the same college they both got into.

That's right. Next year I'll lose the only friends I have. They will be gone away from our small town and I won't have any family or even any friends. I'll be alone. I know they are not the best of friends towards me but they are the only ones I have had all my life. The other kids would bully me and talk crap about my cheap clothing, sometimes being so tight or too baggy.

The school would have been absolutely hell without these two, even if they sometimes say hurtful things and leave me out but I was happy to at least have some friends in my life, you know?

"ELIZABETH," Snaps Kara interrupted me from my thoughts again.

"Sorry, huh?" I asked her.

"Did you hear what I said?" She asks, in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry I was looking out the window" I apologize to her.

"I asked you what you thought of those guys we met?" She rolls her eyes at me

"Not my type," I tell her, shrugging my shoulder.

And that's the truth they weren't. They only wanted one thing from Kara and Courtney and that was a good time with some good sex with hot women. I never had a boyfriend and I only had sex once and I won't again until I find someone that understands me and loves me.

"How were they not your type, Izzy? They were hot as fuck" she says, and fans her face with her hand

"RIGHT," Courtney adds in

"That boy with the black hair sure knew how to work that tongue is, all ima say" giggles Kara

Courtney giggles at what she says and turns around in the seat and starts a conversation about the college they will be attending and all the cute boys they will meet.

And just like that, I'm tossed out of the conversation yet again, so I pull out my book from my bag and start to read chapter 22 where I left off last night in the hotel room. I wish I was alive during the highlander days I would have loved to meet a gorgeous laird and have him rush me away into the safety of his keep.

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