Her New Family

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Chapter 19πŸ–€

What have I done?

I'm staring at Courtney's hung body and watching as the two brothers start to strip off her skin, while her drops of blood flow down into a bucket on the kitchen floor quickly filling it up.

"Now do you understand? Family first" the mother walks up to me and wraps her fingers gently around my arms, pulling me to and making me stand.

"I-NO! I don't understand. Yall killed my friends. Yall just killed Courtney and probably killed Kara too!! Leave me to go!" I shout in her face, and jerk my arm out of her hold. I feel my blood pressure starting to rise in my body from the fear of what I just witnessed.

"Her parents will come. She called them right before we got into this town! They will find you!" I cry loudly, backing my body into the corner of the wall.

They are fucking sick.

None of them even bother to look at me as I speak, the brothers are still working on Courtney as the father directs them and the mother is watching them with pride on her face.

"Yall are Cannibals! Yall eat people. That's fucking disgusting. Let me go" I jump up to run out the door, but the mother tackles me into the wall, making my face slam into it hard.

"Let me tell you something, dear. So are you. You ate the soup my son brought up while you were sick. What kinda meat do you think that was?" She calmly says, but digs the sharp edges of her fingernails into my skin.

"NO!" I scream in her face, feeling my heart falling out of my body. Did I???

"That was your little friend, Kara. Once you and that rude one went to sleep, I woke my boys and let them get to work on her. Poor thing was already dying anyway. We gave her mercy and her body will help us survive." She shouts and slams her two palms on both sides of my hand, making me jump.

Kara?! Kara?? Did I eat Kara?

Feeling my throat starts burning again I quickly push the mother back away from me and fall to my knees and starts throwing up again, my stomach burning I have nothing left in my stomach to throw up and now I'm just dry heaving trying to make sure I get everything I can out.

"Her parents will come, and you will all go to jail and pay for this!" I scream around, my dry heaving.

"Oh, you silly fool! They will find no trace of your friend, her" snaps the father from next to his son's.

"The car.. The car's on the road.. That will alert the authorities" I cry

"You think we left that there to be seen? No, it was moved and everything picked up that same night" smiles the mother

"Noone will ever know how you came to be in this family" smirks the other brother.

"Now, you can become mine as we talked about. Everyone my age finds a wife and brings her into the family. It was like fate. You practically fell into my lap" Kyle chuckles as he pulls Courtney's heart from her chest, bringing the heart to his lips he slowly licks a little bit of blood that's covering the hearing.

My eyes are wide open now as I watch him, they are sick. I lean my hand against the table and cry softly for my two friends. This is all my fault... If I had listened we wouldn't have ended up here and they both wouldn't be dead. I deserve to die instead of them... They have families and people that love them... I don't have anyone.

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