Her New Family

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Chapter 20πŸ–€

I woke up alone in the bed and this time I have a rope tied to my ankles to the bed, guess they no longer trust me which is smart on them I can't believe I thought I wanted to be a part of this family. They are insane, something loose in their heads, that they think this is a good way to live.

I must have passed out from fear or exhaustion from crying so much as I watched them clean Courtney's skin and organs from a body. It was so freaky it was like they were skinny a deer. It didn't bother them one bit and when Kyle licked her heart I was freaked out.

I need to freaking pee and I know I know rope won't let me reach far from my bed so I start to scream.

"AHHH," I yelled hearing it flowing through the house.

Kyle must have heard because he came rushing into the room a few minutes later.

"I brought you lunch-" he starts to say but I start screaming, no way in hell will he ever get me to eat my best friends.

"NO! I DON'T EAT PEOPLE. IM NOT SICK LIKE YOU" I shout feeling the air on my arms starting to stick up with how scared I'm getting, I can feel my heart beating faster inside my chest threatening to explode.

"You did" He smiles down and lays the tray out of my reach so I can't throw it at him.

"No, no, please let me go, I want to go home" I start to plead with him. I'm so scared.. He will give me that choice... Be his family or feed his family. That's the only two I got.

"You ate your friend Kara. She was the meat in that soup I brought you. Nothing wrong with enjoying human meat. You eat animal meat, don't you? It's the same thing" He shouts

Shaking my head back and forth I push my body further away from him, curling into a ball I start to rock back and forth pleading for him to let me go as the tears rush down my face.

"Listen. You are stuck here. I won't give you the option my brother gave your friend. You are staying here with me and we will not eat you. You can start to enjoy your life with a family that would love you, or you can stay my little prisoner and I'll keep you chained inside my room. That's your choice to make" He tells me and sits down on the bed, placing the tray beside him on the bed.

He grabs and picks up a piece of bacon and I start to push him away from me but he's too strong. He grabs my arms and raises them above my head with one hand and uses the other hand to press against my cheeks, forcing my mouth to part as I struggle hard. Trying to get my hands away and buck my body off the bed, but he only lays halfway on me keeping my legs still as he presses his fingers harder into my cheeks making me cry out from the pain, but when I do he quickly shoves a piece of bacon in my mouth and forces it shut.

"Eat it" He commands.

Shaking my head back and forth frantically, I block my throat trying my hardest to not let that meat touch my taste buds.

"I said fucking EAT IT" He shouts loudly.

My heart is pounding so hard into my chest I think I'm going to pass out but I'm not giving in. I'm not eating my friend for god's sake!!

Widening my eyes I see him take out a knife and he slides it slowly up my thighs, bringing that knife closer to my stomach he presses it into my skin.

"Do you want to die, baby?" He asks me softly and watches as a drop of blood forms at the tip of the blade from pressing into my skin, and I start to panic thrusting my body away from him as he brings his mouth down and slowly licks the blood around the knife.

"EAT the piece of meat, or you will feel my knife going everywhere in your body. Your blood tastes damn good. Don't test me too much" He snaps at me as I watch the blood drip down his chin.

Nodding fast, I quickly chew and swallow the piece of meant, but I start to gag almost instantly. I can't believe I just ate Courtney!!!

"We do not waste food here. Do not throw it up" He warns me and finally takes the knife from my stomach.

I tighten my lips close fighting to keep the vomit inside me, it's close to coming up, I have never tasted human meat before kinda tastes like chicken but I know it wasn't and that's what's making me sick to my stomach.

"Look at you, my beautiful baby girl. Already turning into a Cannibal like the rest of her family" He smiles and leans down kissing my head.

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