Her New Family

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Chapter 21πŸ–€

I'm lying in bed the next morning feeling like crap, I didn't sleep at all last night. Instead, I cried and tried my hardest to get this rope untied from my ankle with no luck.

I'm looking back on my very short life and wondering what I ever did to deserve this life, I was a good kid. I made perfect grades, I never partied, I never really got drunk, and never even snuck out any of my foster homes. I never did anything to anyone to deserve so much bad luck. I pick up my pillow and scream into it, lettering out all my anger for this situation.

Suddenly I heard a knock. Maybe from the front door and a man yelling hello and before I can collect myself and start to scream for help, Kyle's flying into the room, jumping on the bed and covering my mouth with his hand.

"Do not make a sound baby" he whispers" Some people do not understand our family traditions" He smiles at me and kisses my cheek softly and starts to lick across my lips slowly.

"LET GO" I scream against his mouth but being his covering it hard, it doesn't come out as anything at all but a loud mumble.

I think he thinks I'm finding it enjoyable because he moans softly against my mouth and pulls my bottom lip into my mouth and starts to suck on it gently before biting it hard, I start to taste the tangy fluid dripping on my tongue as his teeth cut into my lip making him suck harder pulling some of my blood into his mouth.

THIS FREAK!!!! I scream in my head wanting to fucking get as far away as I possibly can.

"You know, baby, you're the first woman I have kissed. I have been saving myself for my wife and I'm so glad I did because you my future bride are so lovely and your blood tastes so good" He murmurs against my lip.

I keep my mouth shut, the less I say right now the better it will be for me. I want him to stop touching me, I want him to stop trying to kiss me and I want my body to not get turned on, and thinking him sucking on my blood is hot because it's not it is fucking disgusting!!!!

Suddenly and thankfully he doesn't get to do or say more because the mother comes rushing into a room with suitcases and tosses them towards the bed.

"Quickly, son. Pack you and her bags we need to leave as soon as possible. Remember we stashed the suitcases from the car on the farm. Go pick out some clothes for your bride to wear. We leave in a few hours" she hurries and shouts at us, looking freaked out.

"Mother, what's happening?" Kyle asks her and jumps from the bed, looking confused.

"We are leaving my son. We need to head to the mountains. It's time to join the rest of our family. We can't stay here. The girl that owned the car shared a location app with her family and her last known stop was when they wrecked the car up the road. That was her father at the door. He will be back tomorrow morning with cops to search the property and I know we are all good at hiding our little secret but your father and I can't take it for granted and have us all getting caught. So do as I say. We leave for the mountains and our cabin soon" she says before rushing out the room, leaving Kyle to pick up the suitcases following after her.

Please, please let the cops come sooner. I don't know what they are talking about and I don't want to know. I close my eyes and repeat my prayer over and over hoping god answers my prayers and brings the cops soon.

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