Her New Family

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Chapter 22πŸ–€

"What's going on?" I yell out and try to get myself untied, to this bed. They wouldn't just leave me here, would they?? I fight with the knot but there must be some type of trick to it or something. I CAN'T UNDO IT! I scream in my head.

"Hello?!" I scream again. "KYLE? Kyle, please don't leave me tied to this bed."

What if they do though? Would that be so bad? The women said the cops are coming soon so I would be able to survive a few hours until they get here, right?

Quickly I shut my mouth and stop hollering, they wanna leave me tied to the bed that's completely fine with me, I can't wait to tell the cops what these people did to Kara and Courtney!!!

But wait... Didn't she say pack for me too? Oh nooooo, where are we going? Mountains? Why the mountain? I just want to get away.

Kyle comes rushing into the room carrying two heavy-looking suitcases.

"Don't worry, my bride, I'll never leave you behind" He murmurs and starts to untie the knot from the bedpost. I think I'm free for all but 3 seconds before he is trying to attach the end of the rope around his wrist.

Shrieking out I jerk my arm away from him, causing him to stumble forward, landing on the bed as I watch him bounce before falling off the bed and he hollers my name.

I don't look back, I take off running through the bedroom door and down the hall, I quickly look back for a second to make sure he isn't following me right before I slam into something hard making me fall back on my ass.

Staring up with a shocking look on my face with my mouth hanging open, I see it's the older brother smirking down at me.

"Well, well, what do we have here? My little brother's bride trying to run away is she?" He giggles and quickly bends over, grabbing my arm, dragging me up against him.

"LET ME GOOOO! I screech out, trying to kick at his legs and dig my nails into his arms but he slings me against the wall, knocking my right shoulder into it hard making me cry out.

"Will you just stop screaming?! You are giving me a headache" He snarls and gives me a look of disgust. Well, buddy, let me tell you something I find you and your whole fucking family disgusting I snap back inside my head.

"I'm not going to harm you, Izzy. You are my brother's bride. Family is everything to use but just stop screaming. Alright?" He lowers his voice and sets me down on my feet, letting my arm go, I quickly take a step back from him.

"Izzy! That wasn't very nice of you to do that to me" Kyle complains and quickly ties the rope knot around his wrist while I was distracted by his brother.

His brother isn't bad looking, his nose is a bit crooked, but I just think it's because I find Kyle to be the handsome one and I mean I can't help my eyes, you know?

"Izzy baby, you need to calm down. My family will never hurt you. Once we get into the mountains we will be married and you will become family. Our families take care of each other. You have nothing to fear, I promise you" he whispers against my head, kissing the spot right above my ear before picking up the bags.

"I- I understand Kyle" I mumble back with defeat, how far would I get if I ran right now? I'd have to just drag Kyle along with me and that ain't a good option for me. I'm 5'0 and he's around 6"11? I believe it? Yeah, I wouldn't get very far.

"Good now, come on, let's head downstairs," He says, and starts walking, making the rope tighten around my leg and I follow him down the steps.

We head into the living room and I keep my eyes off the kitchen door, I don't want to see Courtney's blood on the ground. Poor Courtney... Poor Kara. It's all my fault this happened to them, maybe we should have just stayed by the damn car I cried in my head.

The mother and father come out of the kitchen, holding bags with food and what looks like water bottles.

"You all ready to go? We need to leave as soon as we can" the father asks, looking around us all.

"Yes, I got me and Izzy all packed Dad," Kyle says and waves his arm towards the two suitcases.

"Yeah, father, let's go before the cops come" mumbles the brother, I still didn't know his name.

"Come on, wife" whispers the husband and starts to push her towards the door as they carry their bags.

"It's so hard, leaving our home Dear.. The boys grew up here, they did all their firsts here in this house. Their first steps, their first words, even their first kills. So many memories lost" she starts to cry, bringing her hands to cover her face.

If she wouldn't be crazy like the rest of the family, I'd have little sympathy for her. I always dreamed of having a loving home and here she is having to leave her. That must be so hard.

"I know, but we have plenty of memories on the mountain with the rest of our clan.. They will be happy to see us and even happier to know we will be staying there. You will get to talk to your friends every day now and think of the boys.. so much hunting could be done. Kyle's found his bride but what if Drake will find him as well and give us grandbabies? That's something to look forward to, right?" The husband whispers and pulls his wife into his arms, as she sobs.

"-You're right, husband. As always." She murmurs and sends him a small smile while following him out the door, only looking back once like me, Kyle, and the other brother that I now know his name is Drake head out the door behind them.

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