Her New Family

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Chapter 24πŸ–€

"I'm hungry, Daddy, can we stop and get some food? I have some money saved. It will pay for all of us. Maybe some McDonald's we haven't had that in a while." Hearing Drake's voice wakes me up, I stretch my arms and legs out as I feel them starting to cramp up.

"Yes, the next town we will stop Drake," the father says and takes a left turn.

"I need to pee" I mumble, hearing the scratchiness in my voice from just waking up.

"Ew sister I didn't need to hear that" jokes Drake but honestly makes me feel happy with him calling me Sister, I think he means sister in law though being they are saying I'm Kyle's bride.

"Oh, hush up, son! You say the nastiest things all the time. I need to pee too! Pull-on over Frank as soon as you can" the mother orders the father who I had just learned his name is Frank.

"Okay, Rachel, let me find a back road" He mumbles "and you know it annoys me when you call me Frank, I prefer husband" he playfully pouts.

This family seems so normal outside of being Cannibals, of course. The mother and father joke around with each other. Drake isn't so bad all the time, and Kyle when he's sweet he honestly just makes my heart melt when he shows me that he cares about me.

"Yes, I know that's why I do it" Rachel giggles softly and pats her husband's shoulder.

10 miles later the father pulled over on the side of an empty road. "Alright boys on the left and girls on the right," He says and kills the truck.

"Guess us women are always right. Good for you to know that husband" she laughs as he hangs his mouth open.

"Now, see here, women. You know that ain't what I meant at all" He grumbles.

"You the one that said it," she says as she climbs out of the truck.

"Okay, I'm going to untie us together for a few minutes. Do not do anything foolish do you understand baby? You don't want to test me on this. You will obey me" He whispers close to my mouth before kissing me softly and undies the knot from around his wrist but keeps the one around my ankle.

"I understand" I whisper and follow him out of the truck, grabbing my hips, he helps me down but makes me slide down his body and shoots me a smirk before walking off following his father on the left side of the truck.

I round the front of the truck and go into the long grass close to the mother but not too close, unbuckling my pants I quickly pull them and my panties down and start to pee, spreading my legs wide so I didn't accidentally pee on them. Girls can't aim for shit.

Just as I'm finished pulling up my pants, I hear a truck coming down the road and my heart starts to speed up. Do I want to be stuck with a family of Cannibals? Do I need that kind of person to become my family? NO. I DON'T THINK SO.

I built passed the mother but she screams out Kyle's name, but I don't look back I just run over the high grass wilding waving my arms above my head to get the truck's attention but that doesn't last long as I feel someone hitting into my back bringing us both down to the ground.

We both grunt, trying to get the person off of me twisting my body and trying to scream louder hoping the passing truck sees me but it doesn't I watch sadly as my chance to escape drives by and the woman in the passenger seat waves at the mother and father who's now standing by the truck.

My heart sinks small inside my chest as the feeling of fear washes through my body, I shouldn't have done that. Kyle warned me but in that one second, I panicked and tried to take the first opportunity to escape these people.

"I warned you, bride. I'm very tolerant but I don't take well to someone disobeying me." Kyle growls in my ear before digging his teeth into it, hard enough to taste blood. He sucks on my ear softly moaning as my tangy blood flows through his mouth before he jumps his body off mine, grabbing my arm he pulls me up with him.

"I don't believe in harming women that we take as our brides but when the family stops to get something to eat, we will not be buying you anything" He grunts and pulls me towards the truck, when we reach it he quickly ties the knot around his wrist again and pushes me into the truck, sliding in beside me he slams the door shut.

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