Her New Family

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Chapter 25πŸ–€

An hour and a half after the father is turning into a Macdonald's parking lot, Kyle hasn't said a word to me after telling me I won't be getting any food. I guess I understand he did tell me about the rules before I decided to make a run for it. I should have waited for a better time, Kyle has a sweet side but the closer we get to the mountains the more scare I get at the unknown.

What are the other families like?

Will I have to kill someone? Will I have a choice in that? I don't think I could even stomach watching that let alone actually be the one doing the work.

One half of my brain understands why they do what they do, they needed to survive and I guess that was the way they had to do it but, the other part was disgusted and terrified.

"Okay, let's order," the father says as he pulls up to the drive-thru menu.

"I'll take a regular cheeseburger and a small fry darling," the mother says and smiles at her husband while pulling down the mirror and checking over her the little bit of makeup she has on her face.

"I want the mc double with a large fry" mumbles a sleepy Drake who doesn't even lift his head from the window.

"And you Kyle?" The father asks Kyle, when he doesn't immediately speak up on what he would like to eat.

"Just the chicken nugget meal with honey mustard," He tells his father while staring hard into my head.

I can feel his eyes trying to push into my skull, he is still upset with me.

"Kyle, are you sure you don't want to get your bride a little something, son? Remember she was sick. She needs to keep well-fed" the mother informs him while turning her head to look me over. "Her color seems to be coming back through, that's good.

"She can eat once we get there. This is her punishment." Kyle said, in a hard voice.

"I agree. Young brides need to be taught well wife, you know this" the father reminds her.

"Yes, yes, I know your very right" she mumbles and moves herself to sit back in her seat as the father finishes off the order.

"You are not going to ask for food, bride?" Kyle turns his head from his mother, and looks down at me.

"No. I understand. The rules are for a reason, I suppose, and I broke one" I whisper.

"Good girl," He says, but doesn't say anything else as Drake leans forward, giving his father the last of his money from his wallet to pay for the food.

"Thanks, son. We don't have money to waste on fast food at the moment" the father sends him a big warm smile.

"No problem, father. I'm always happy to help my family, you know, that" mumbles Drake looking embarrassed at the compliment.

"I'm such a proud father. I have two of the best sons I could have asked for. Yalls kills and huntings dare I say are even better than my own" He chuckles as he pulls up to the window to pay the lady.

"Yes. We are blessed Husband" says the mother as the father drives to the next window and starts handing her all the food.

Several minutes later we are back on the road and the foods have all been passed out and my stomach is steady growling. I'm hungry. I guess being sick for days my body wasn't getting what it needed because the smell of the cheeseburgers and Kyle's chicken nuggets have my mouth watering.

I try to keep my head straight and not look down at their food like I'm a starving dog but I fail and sneak a glance at Kyle's food.

"You're hungry?" He asks me with a raised eyebrow as he shoves a fry, covered in honey mustard into his mouth.

Shrugging my shoulder I don't speak to him, is this what I'll have to deal with? Him punishing me like this? Because honestly I'd rather him yell and scream than hold food away from me like I'm so bad child, "To bed without dinner" and all the bullshit.

Kyle sighs loudly and suddenly I see a fry being pushed in front of my face, I don't quickly take it like I'm wanting to instead I look up at him surprised.

"I'm not a men man. I won't disrespect you, I'll stay loyal to you and I'll never intentionally hurt you, but you must obey the rules like every other bride. Do you understand?" He asks me quietly, and gently.

"Yes. I understand." I mumbled, looking back at the fry in front of my face.

"Open" He commands

Slowly I open my mouth wide and he gently pushes the fry into my mouth, the taste on my tongue is imitated as I taste the salty flavor.

"Obey the rules wife," He says before going back to eating.

Nodding my head I quickly eat the fry hoping he will give me another one but he doesn't for the longest time, it's like he waits till I lose hope of getting another that I have another fry being pushed into my mouth.

This is going to be a long trip, hopefully, we will get there soon.

Sorry if this chapter was kinda wack, but I was out of writing for a few weeks so I'm getting back into the story but regardless I hope you all enjoyed itπŸ’œ

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