Her New Family

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Chapter 26πŸ–€

He didn't give me any more food and I got tired of my stomach rumbling so I decided to close my eyes and get some sleep, we'll try to get some sleep. The rope around my wrist was cutting into my skin and it was starting to get red so I kept messing with it but each time I didn't Kyle would grab my hand and stroke his fingers softly across the top of my hand to stop it.

I finally manage to fall asleep and I end up dreaming about what my life would be like on the mountain with this family.


"Baby, did you cook dinner for us tonight?" My husband, Kyle, asked me as he walked through the door of our home. We had a new family move here and Kyle and his brother and a few other men have been helping them build their new home. My husband is always trying to help someone he can be so sweet.

"Yes honey we had some leftover meat from that girl that was hiking up here last week, I also made baked potatoes I had just pulled from our garden along with some corn" I smile up at him and lean into his embrace as he kisses the top of my head.

"That sounds good. I'm starving. How're the kids?" He asks, as he begins to fix his plate.

When we were younger I would always fix his plate, it's something that we brides must do for our husband's but since we had our children he lets me fix theirs and he will fix his own.

"Well Emily's doing good in her study, she is very smart in her reading, can memorize everything" I giggle softly thinking of my oldest.

"Just like her mother" He chuckles along with me.

"And Beth, well. Beth doesn't seem to want to learn lately" I whisper. He's tough on their school work and I don't want to see my baby get in trouble.

"She knows the rules" He snaps loudly.

"Y-Yes, Husband, she does" I stutter out. Years we have been together and still, we have our rough patches.


I jump awake when Kyle snaps in my dream and I quickly turn to look at him to see that he too has fallen asleep. It's okay. It was just a dream. Just a dream. Please lord help me I don't want that to be my life please help me get away, please. I silently start to cry feeling my tears fall down my cheek.

The father's too busy with his eyes on the road to pay attention to me and the mother along with Drake are both fast asleep.

I sit awake throughout the night trying to think of ways I could escape off that damn mountain, I refuse to give in.

I'll get away. I just have to.

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