Her New Family

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Chapter 27πŸ–€

Finally, around 8 am the next day the father starts to drive up a mountain, we passed a small western-looking town. When I say western I'm not saying cowboys and shoots out either I just mean we are somewhere In the country, with dirt roads and older looking buildings. The mountain is a few miles off from the town about 10 minutes down a rough dirt road and at the beginning of the road, it says private property no trespassing.

That's smart, I guess, you don't want just anyone coming up their sick twisted mountain I think sarcastically inside my head. The mother woke up around 2 hours ago but has just been going over the list of things they brought making sure we packed what we needed.

The two brothers are still sleeping next to me but they soon start to wake up when the vehicle starts to pound into the bumpy dirt road.

"We made it?" Asks a sleepy, Kyle

"Yes, son we will be there shortly. I'm excited to see our old friends" the father says happily as he bypasses a huge pump filled with water on the right side of the road.

"I know dear, oh good heavens could you imagine the state of my garden" she sighs loudly

"I know honey we will have it cleaned up and you can make it preventable again soon" He smiles at her and pats her hand that's laying on his leg.

"Yes mother, I'm sure Izzy wouldn't mind helping you in your garden, she will have to learn after all to grow ours" He grins at me and kisses my cheek as he starts to jump in his seat the more we climb up the mountain.

"Sure" I mumble cause what else am I supposed to say? Hell no I don't want to fucking garden? Hell, I don't even want to be here with yall crazy fucking people? I mean I want to scream that but I can't even I know I can't.

"I can't wait to get back to our big hunting trips, They were so much fun." Laughs, Drake from my right.

"I know you boys used to have a blast playing with your food, before killing it. It was a blast to watch yall" the father says and laughs along with Drake.

"I'll have to start teaching my bride to hunt. What do you think she will be good at father? Guns, knife, or a bow like me?" Kyle sits up in his seat, and looks at his father through the front mirror.

"I'd try bow first, don't, but that's just me. I prefer the bow myself but your mother chose the knife. She is one of the best at throwing them darn things" the father smiles lovingly towards his wife.

"My father taught me good husband" grins the mother.

"How did you two meet each other?" I ask, softly.

"Well. Most clans will have their sons or daughters go out and find brides and grooms for themselves. It all depends on the family. Some men don't like their family having any girls so the men will kill the daughters once they are born, but some don't mind and bring their daughters up to be just as tough as the men." The father starts to explain

"But some husbands and wives do meet through the clan. My father and I lived on the mountain after my mother had passed away and my husband's family was already living there and it was love at first sight" she giggles softly and stares out the window I guess thinking about old memories.

"For you my dear wife, but for you well I had to work for your love" He grumbles loudly.

"Well, you had to prove yourself my love" she sends him a soft smile.

"And I did. I brought you back that man with the blonde hair for you and your father to have enough meant for a while and he even had that black dog with him that you decided to keep. Two and one I say" the father says and pushes out his chest looking proud.

"My father was happy for the meat and I was happy for the dog, you did good husband" the mother whispers and leans over and kisses his cheek.

Part of me thinks that story is sweet, but the other part is just weird, I don't think I want Kyle to bring me back a person that he killed.

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