Her New Family

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Chapter 28πŸ–€

The father finally pulls up next to an old-looking log cabin and we just sit in silence for a few minutes. I take the opportunity to look around seeing what I can see. I see a long wooden fence going around most of the property leaving the houses to be practically in each other's yard.

I see about 10 houses all in straight rows on both sides of the dirt road. I see a huge BBQ pit pushed off to the side along with a few picnic tables.

3 clotheslines are in one corner where it looks like a man-made small river runs behind it and a few watering walls spread across the property too.

Each house had a small garden on the side of them and I saw a huge garden in another corner of the fence.

I wonder how many families are here right now, I know a couple of them come up for what did they say? Oh yes, the weddings.

The father opens the door and takes a deep breathe "Nothing like fresh mountain hair"

The mother steps out after her husband and softly closes the door going to stand next to him.

"Oh, dear. I have so many weeds to pull up and I can't even think about how dusty inside our home is. A lot of work needs to be done." She whines playfully, not looking like she cares, I think deep down she is happy to be home.

"Alright, son, let's start unpacking the truck. Kyle keep your bride tied to you. You know the rules here. Unwed brides are never to be off their rope" He reminds him and grabs a big bag from the bag.

"Yes sir" He shouts after his father and turns to me "Welcome to your new home wife. You're going to love it. The people here are all one big happy family" He smiles and brings his lips to mine kissing me softly.

"Come on, come on. Let's get this done" snarks Drake as he grabs the bags and heads inside the house.

Kyle rolls his eyes at his big brother grabbing a smaller bag and handing it to me to carry before grabbing two of his own. "Come on. Let me show you inside" He says and gently tugs me forward.

He pushes the door open with his foot and we walk inside, I immediately start looking around and I see the whole house inside and outside is made of logs. It's honestly really gorgeous once it will be cleaned up. Log cabins were always my favorite.

"This is the kitchen" he pushes open a swinging door and places both the bags on the table as the mother and father are cleaning out the fridge.

"One of yall must have left the chicken's eggs in here! Oh my lord," she gags and holds her nose as her husband quickly gathers them up and shoves them inside a plastic bag.

"That was me, mom, I'm sorry" Drake comes into the room apologizing.

"It's the fine son, but we all have our chores to remember each time we leave and yours was to clean out this fridge" the father scolds him but not very mean sounding.

"I know father" Drake grumbles and places one bag down on the table as well.

"Well, kids make mistakes so it's alright. Finish unloading the vehicle please" the mother suggests as she grabs a washrag from a cabinet and starts to clean up the egg yolks off the inside of the fridge door.

"Yes ma'am," Drake says and rushes out the room.

"Kyle, why don't you show Izzy where the walls bedroom is at?" The father suggested

"Great idea. Come on baby. I think you will like it. We have our bathroom as well" He grins "I think we both need a shower after that long car ride" He smirks and pulls me through the hallway before pushing open another doorway at the end of the hall.

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