Her New Family

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Chapter 3πŸ–€

A few hours later we are still in the car and I just finished my book, I love getting lost in a good romance book, it gives me hope to one day find love.

It's raining pretty bad Courtney keeps complaining that it's difficult to see the road.

"I can drive," Kara tells her unblocking her seat belt

"What? No, you drive too fast, you will crash us into the ditch within seconds. Hell no. My parents just brought me this car" Courtney tells her shaking her head

"Well we both know Izzy can't drive, she doesn't even have her damn permit yet. Probably couldn't see the road either with how blind she is" Kara huffs.

Ouch. Well yeah, it's not my fault I haven't taken my permit test yet, that costs money, and I just don't have any additional to throw around at the moment. They always made certain to let me know of much of an inconvenience it was to pick me up and bring me home from school.

Rolling my eyes at them I lean my head back on the seat trying to block them out. Only a few hours left in the car with them I can do it, but then what? What will I do? I'll need to find a job that offers more money hourly than what I'm making now, so I'll be capable to at least afford myself a small apartment.

"How long does it say it will rain for?" Asks, Courtney.

Kara checks the weather app on her phone and says "All night". Must be lucky to be able to do more than just call or text on their phones.

Courtney huffs in a loud voice and leans closer to the steering wheel trying to see the road better, I guess.

"This is horrible. The rains coming down too hard, I can't even see the lines on the road" Courtney complains.

"Just drive slow," I tell her. It's raining. How hard could it be to drive in for god's sake?

"I AM. You're not helping sitting back there" Courtney snaps loudly at me.

Well jeez. I was only offering some smart advice. It's raining so driving slow would be safer than just blazing down the road.

"Fine," I tell her and close my eyes.

"I still can't believe Chad cheated on you Court," Kara says.

"I know. Does he know how lucky he was to even get with me? I went below my belt with him" Courtney says, but I can hear her voice break at the end. She did like that boy. She called me crying the other day before graduation after it happened.

"He will shit himself after you tell him what you did this weekend" Kara giggle while digging into her purse.

"You think I should tell him?" Courtney asks her, taking her eyes off the road for a second.

"Hell, yes. Make his heart hurt. He deserves that, at least" Kara informs her.

"You know he slept with Angela the other night?" Kara asked her.

"What did he do?" Screetchs Courtney "He called me last night, begging me to take him back.

"That's what Sean told me the other night," Kara says and shrugs.

"How does Sean know???" Courtney asks her, while looking at her again.

But Kara doesn't get to answer her as the car hits a deep pocket of water on the road and the car goes shooting off the road.

"Watch out" I scream grabbing onto my seat belt, making sure it's locked tightly around me.

"Oh shit, I can't control it" Courtney cries as we hit the ditch hard before the car shoots up the other side smashing into a tree and that's the last thing I see before my head tossed to the side and I knock it hard against the window passing out.

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