Her New Family

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Chapter 29πŸ–€

Kyle tugs me into the bedroom and closes the door behind me softly, looking around the room I see that the walls have nothing really on them but a few pictures of what I assume is a younger Kyle. I walk a little closer to them leaving my arm out wide to give myself more room to walk and I start to scan over the photos.

Him with his brother fishing down the river. That one is cute I think to myself as I move on to the next one, him and his parents in front of a Christmas tree Kyle holding a toy truck and smiling huge, and the last one oh god I stumble backward and cover my hand over my mouth to stop the scream that's tried to come up.

Kyle's standing outside in front of a fence but what he's standing next to is what put this look of horror on my face. He's standing next to what looks like a man hanging from a cook. He looks much younger... This has to be his first kill?

Kyle just has noticed me looking, coming up to stand next to me he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me deeper into his body.

"That's my first kill. Want to hear the story before we jump in the shower?" He whispers against my ear, and flicks his tongue slowly against it.

"Sure" I squeak out, anything to prolong the shower time.

"I was 13 years old, normally men don't have their first kill till 17 and the women at 18 but we were at home and some drunk fools came knocking on our house door one night after waking up the whole house. They wanted to know if they could spend the night, they had gotten lost you see, so I told them sure and sent them to the barn. I grabbed my bow and went hunting. My father was so proud." He beams down at me, looking so happy about the memories.

"Later that year when we went to the cabin, it was time for the yearly hunt for the ones that became of age, my father talked to the elders and got me entered at 13 telling them I had already killed once I should be giving the opportunity if he and I thought I was ready. They sent us off, we had a few things to nibble on but we couldn't come home until we brought home a kill. I found a woman huddled up against a tree, she had got lost on the mountain I guess, I hid behind a nearby tree and took the shot with my boy. Got her right in the eye. Perfect hit" He smiles down at me and starts to kiss down my neck.

"Tell me more," I ask him while trying to stop myself from moving away from him and his kisses.

"Well you can imagine a little 13-year-old, trying to carry an older woman back to my clan, it was hard. It took me two hours to drag her body back with me but I was still the first one back. My father and mother have never looked at me with so much pride. It was the best. They help a feast in my name that night and still to this day nobody beat my record" He says and starts to pull me towards the bathroom.

"Yeah, I can't imagine having to do all that so young" I murmur.

"Well now you know your groom can look after you" he smiles and tugs me into the bathroom.

Oh god.

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