Her New Family

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Chapter 30πŸ–€

●Warning- Sexy scene●

He closes the bathroom door and raises my wrist upwards and starts to untie the rope letting my hand free. Immediately I feel the relief my wrist is feeling and I take my other hand to hold it close to me, rubbing the red lines softly.

Kyle looks down and his face looks so sad when he notices the redness around my wrist.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I didn't realize the rope was so tight. I was so mad you tried to escape that I must have tied it way too tight. Please forgive, I didn't mean that" He whispers before pulling me into a gentle hug, laying his head on top of my head.

"It's alright" I mumble softly. No, the hell it ain't alright you asshole it hurts! I scream in my head.

"I'll make sure the rope isn't so tight next time I promise" He murmurs against my head before pulling back and starting to undress.

I turn around not wanting to look because we just met, I feel like things are moving way too fast. I shouldn't be seeing him naked and I'm sure he shouldn't be seeing me naked.

"Izzy, turn around and look at your groom" He purs softly *Turn around now!" He barks, when I don't listen.

I quickly turn around not wanting to make him mad and goodness, he's standing in front of me naked, and I can't help but appreciate how good he looks. Years of hard labor did wonders for his body, nothing but lean strong muscles and he has a 6 pack oh Izzy don't start drooling.

"Like what you see, baby?" He smirks at me.

"Yes" I whisper

"Good girl. Now undress for me" He whispers while dragging his hand down and wrapping around his growing dick.

Taking a deep breath, I quickly yanked off the dress he had found for me that belonged to his mother. I did it quickly like a freaking band-aid, the more I would have hesitated the angrier he would have gotten. I close my eyes tightly and just stand in front of him, I feel his eyes burning into my skin.

"Fuck baby so beautiful" He grunts out slowly, making me open my eyes to see him jerking his dick slowly while looking down around my hips.

Oh god, this is so crazy. I shouldn't be finding this boy attractive, I should feel repulsed but I don't.

"Let's get in the shower" He moans out loud with one last stroke of his cock before turning on the water in the shower and stepping inside.

I climb in the shower after him, keeping my back pressed against the cold back wall of the shower not wanting to touch him but instead of leaving me alone he turns around and wraps one arm around my waist and pulls me against him slamming his mouth on mine and starts to kiss me hard.

"Open your mouth" He whispers against my lips and pushes his tongue against my lips until I slowly open my mouth for him.

As soon as he feels like lips opening he quickly shoves his tongue deep inside my mouth almost hitting the back of my throat, his a rough kisser. I remember him telling me I was his first kiss so I guess we are learning together.

After a few minutes of just kissing me, he starts to kiss down my neck bringing his hands to cup my tits he pushes them together and slides his tongue slowly across them dragging a moan from my lips. Hearing me moan must turn him crazy because he starts to suck and bite on my nipples as he drags my fingers down my stomach getting closer and closer to my pussy.

"Wait-" I start to say, but he quickly shushes me with a hard kiss as he slides his finger between my wet lips before slowly pushing deep inside of me.

"We won't be having sex tonight, baby relax. One of our traditions is that we wait for marriage. I just need to touch you" he moans out against my mouth and pushes his finger deeper inside of me.

I can feel myself growing wet around his finger and my mind kinda conflicted. Part of me is enjoying the feeling of his mouth and fingers, but the other part of me can't get over what's been in his mouth and that thought makes me sick, I end up making a sound against his mouth that he takes as a pleasant sound and he speeds up his thrust, taking his finger in and out of me faster and a little rougher.

My mind losing the battle with my body as I feel my body starting to shake from the pleasure as he presses his finger against my clit, sending a shooting sensation across my body over and over until I'm coming all over his fingers crying out his name as the warm waterfalls around us.

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