Her New Family

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Chapter 32πŸ–€

We head into the kitchen and find the mother chopping up some vegetables, while the father is at the sink thawing out some meat.

"Kyle great we need to go discuss your upcoming marriage with the other men, they need to know who your bride is so no mistakes are made," He tells him sternly as he unzips the bag pulling out what looks like sausage links.

My stomach chooses that moment to growl like some breast, well that's embarrassing but I mean I'm hungry all Kyle gave me was a few fries and that's wasn't enough.

"Someone's hungry" the mother giggles and hands me a carrot, slowly I take it and start to chew on it.

"Yes, I'm sorry," I say around a mouthful of carrots.

"That's alright baby, we all get hungry," Kyle says and laughs before using his finger to catch the piece of carrot that got stuck in the corner of my mouth.

"This is your friend, Courtney's intestines. Is that alright with you, Izzy or would you rather not eat anything?" The father says in a hard voice, and looks over at me over his shoulder.

This is a test... If I say no, I'm not sure what will happen to me and if I say yes I'll be eating my friend. Either way, I lose this game and that's exactly what this is right now, his testing to see if I can handle this family enough to want to live.

"I'm hungry. It doesn't matter what I eat" I smile at him trying my best to make sure he doesn't think it's a fake one.

"I knew you would make me a good bride, baby" Kyle whispers next to me.

"Your wedding will be tonight Kyle so you better be sure, you know the tradition on that. Marriage is final, you will not be able to divorce her unless, of course, you decide to kill her" the father chuckles.

"Father, none of that! I told her if she joined our family we would love her and you say things like that isn't loving her that's trying to make her upset and I won't have that!" He snaps loudly at his father, which leaves me speechless.

"Our sons, right dear, you should show some respect to his bride" the mother scolds.

"And you are supposed to be on my side" the father grumbles towards the mother.

"And I am. Always but not on this." She simply says and finishes up the salad, tossing everything into one big bowl.

"Fine, fine, I'll shut my trap, but I'm watching her" the father snarls softly, but I think playfully? This family is so weird.

"Supper will be ready soon why don't yall go on up and unpack and mother will be along shortly to help Izzy dress for all wedding while I take you with me son" the father suggested.

Wedding? They can't possibly be thinking of us getting married today?! I barely know Kyle and I'm not fucking sure I'd be okay with living with fucking Cannibals, I cry loudly inside my head.

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