Her New Family

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Chapter 33πŸ–€

"Now, dear, are you aware of what will happen during the wedding night?" The mother is now sitting on my bed, once we finished unpacking our things Kyle had tied my wrist rope to the big wooden bed frame while he went out with his father and now I'm stuck here having to have this conversation with a woman I barely know.

"Yes, I'm aware of the meaning of sex" I nearly giggle. Like come on I just graduated high school, of course, I know what sex is, just because Kara and Courtney had a social life doesn't mean I'm oblivious.

"You are a virgin right? The boys can only take virgin brides so of course if you are not my son can no longer marry you" the mother finishes snapping her jaw and reaching out grabbing the top of my arm with those damn nails.

I'm not a virgin I lost it when I was 16 on the ONE night I decided to go enjoy a party with Kara and Courtney, they got me drunk and I ended up in bed with my fellow band friend Eric. It was embarrassing waking up together like that but we agreed to never talk about it again.

I can't tell her I'm not a virgin if they think I'm not a virgin Kyle won't marry me and I'll end up being turned into breakfast sausage like Kara, I cry softly inside my head trying to calm my thoughts as my heart starts to race inside my chest.

"I'm a virgin," I whisper out trying to look embarrassed at this conversation.

"Good, good. You better not be lying to me daughter because tonight after you and my son consummate the marriage we all will be able to tell" she says, warning ringing through her words as she heads out the room.

Crap. I didn't think about that, I'd have to come up with a plan. Once we do finish and he pulls out it should have blood there, I don't know how I'll do this I don't.

Okay, don't panic Izzy. We are smart, we can get out of this. I just have to think of a plan that will get me out of this situation safely. I'm not dumb I know what will happen tonight and I have no way to fight it, If I keep fighting Kyle, he or his father will just kill me.

I'll have to find something a little sharp so I can maybe cut myself somewhere and make a little or a lot of blood go on the sheet? I forgot how I bleed the first time. Shit. Yes, that's my plan. I'll have to cut something maybe my foot because I can hide that and while we are in bed I'll rub that area down high on the sheets to make it look like I bleed.

Yes. See. Good plan Izzy. I applaud myself in my head as I hear someone coming back towards the door and I see the mother walking through the doorway holding an older-looking white dress.

"This was my mother's wedding dress, it was handed down to me when I married my husband, we don't have time or the money right now to go out and find you something for tonight. I was maybe thinking you could just wear this? What do you think?" She smiles at me, and holds up the dress against her body.

I mean it's my style really, it's a simple old lace white dress, nothing fancy. It's not too long but goes past the knees. I would pick something like this myself that's crazy.

"I think it's beautiful, and I'll be happy to wear that tonight. Thank you" I smile back up at her and take the dress gently out of her hands.

"It will look so beautiful on you my dear, I know our traditions are strange to you and you need time to adjust but I always wanted a daughter of my own." She smiles warmly at me and it makes my heart skip a beat, I never felt the love of a mother figure and I'll admit right now it feels really good.

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