Her New Family

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Chapter 34πŸ–€


"Now, son, we never had this talk before so I'll need you to pay attention," my father says as we walk out of the house and head to the older couple's home. We need to inform the clan of my upcoming marriage so no mistakes are made if they see her around. I don't want them to mistake her as a trespasser.

"Yes sir," I say and fall into step with him.

"So on the wedding night you will take your bride to bed and once yall are in bed, you will do whatever you feel is right. Do whatever you want to do, just mind you be gentle as she will be a virgin as well and the first time for women hurt, unlike the first time for us." He trails off, looking back at me to make sure I heard him.

"I understand father," I tell him nodding my head and stepping up beside him.

"You will connect all bodies, and you will know what to do. Enjoy your first time with your bride son" He smiles at me.

"I'm sure I will" I chuckle and feel my body getting hot just by thinking of her warm insides. My father doesn't know I experimented with a girl that used to live here when we were younger. I am technically a virgin but that girl and I did some other things.

The way my bride came on my fingers, I feel pride rushing through me for being able to bring such pleasure to her, the look on her face when she comes is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

"Frank, old friend, it's good to have you here again!" An older man named Jim walks up to my father, and shakes his hand.

"Jim, goodness it's good to be back home," my father says, pulling the man into a hug and slapping his back hard.

"Yall here for a visit?" Jim asks, stepping back from my father to shake my hand.

Jim and my father have been friends for over 45 years, their families both lived here with the clan for many years and they grew up together.

"Well. We had a situation. You know me and Rachel prefer our peaceful life alone with our kids but we had no choice. 3 girls came to our home late one night and one of the girls had a tracker that linked with her parents and she must have lost the phone somewhere on the property. Her dad showed up demanding his daughter and threatened to go to the police. We couldn't take any chances" my father explains the situation that once has brought us back to the clan.

"Oh yes, dear heavens. These damn electronics are making it even harder for us these days" He grunts out in an annoyed tone shaking his head.

"Tell me about it. My wife was all heartbroken having to leave our home but as the head of the family I had no choice" my father sighs

"You did the right thing. I know we are all super careful but you never really know what's left behind somewhere." Jim says, and knocks my father's shoulder playfully.

"You never let me forget my one mistake, old man" my father chuckles out.

"I mean, you got drunk and forgot your bow down the mountain." Who does that you old fool" the man belts out in a loud laugh?

"You were the one that stole the liquor from your father's room! You're not so innocent yourself. You were too drunk to kill the trespasser so-" my father cuts off with a shrug.

"Yeah, yeah. So Kyle how old are you now?" Jim asked me. I love this man, he has always been like an uncle to me.

"I'm 18 sirs" I tell him.

"18 goodness, the time flies. It's time you find your bride then. What wonderful news."

"I found one, sir. She was one of the three girls that came to our house. She was different than them, kinder at first. She is a little scared right now but I think she will come around quickly" I smiles at the thought of my beautiful bride.

"They are all scared at first son unless you luck out like your father did and fall in love inside the clan" He grins towards my father.

"My Rachel is the best. I'm a proud man" my father's chest puffs out as he says that.

That's the kind of love I want with my bride and I'll do whatever it takes to make my bride come to her senses and realize I'm the only man for her and we are now the family she has always wanted.

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