Her New Family

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Soo I just want to explain where my heads at with Izzy. I know she is giving in easier than she should be but we need to remember her childhood past. Her mother gave her up when she was a baby, she was in over 20 foster family that never made her feel about of them. A few of her foster dads abused her not totally but but did try things with her enough to mess her up mentally. She never had a boyfriend, her two friends were not very good to her always picking on something she does or wore. Her life hasn't been easy so when she meets this family and she sees how they start to treat her like family her mind can't push them away. She craves the love and acceptance they will one day give her.

That's it. I just wanted to give that little backstory as a reminder. She isn't like Abby in the chained wife book that keeps fighting until she starts to go a bit crazy from the brainwashing. Izzy is a different story😌

Hope this helps yall understand her mind set a little better.

And I hope yall are enjoying this book as much as I'm enjoying writing for yall❀
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