Her New Family

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Chapter 37πŸ–€

"Let's begin" the older man smiles as Kyle lets me out of his arms, standing me in front of him, and holds my hands looking towards the older couple.

"Do you Kyle take Izzy to be your wife?" The older woman asks.

"I do," Kyle says his voice ringing through the clearing.

"Do you promise to love her till the day of your death?" The older man asks.

"I do," Kyle says.

Is this really what I want? Can I possibly live here with these people? Part of me knows this is wrong, so very wrong. Killing and eating human beings isn't right, I know this. I don't think I could do this, I don't think I want this to be my life. I can feel my fingers starting to get twitching inside Kyle's hands and I can't help but look around seeing if I can get away but I don't think I can, too many people. Too many people that know how to hunt and kill, are surrounding me.

"Kyle has prepared his speech. Please go ahead, son, address your bride" the older man smile at Kyle fondly.

"Izzy, I promise to love you every day of my life, I promise to cherish the love I found with you. I promise to always provide meat for you and our kids. I promise to be here helping you learn the way of your new life and embrace your new family. Your family also promises to love you, they promise to always lean a helping hand when you're in need and we all promise you will never be alone and lonely again" Kyle says, and when he finishes he cups my face looking into my eyes, and kisses me softly.

I'll never be alone again.

"Very good, dear. Now I have the bride's vows, these vows were written long ago when my son brought back his bride. It's an understanding that they don't know our ways yet so these vows are to help them know what their groom expects of them and also have her promise to be with him in this life" the older woman says and hands me the piece of paper.

I take it with shaking hands, I scan over the notes and see things like obeying, listening, protecting, clean in the words as I clear my throat trying to get the feeling of my eyes watering and throat closing to stop so I can get the words out.

"Husband's name-" I start but stop when I understand, that's not what I'm supposed to say. Shit.

"No, no dear. You add your groom's name!" The older woman snaps loudly, looking annoyed that I didn't understand.

Well, you tell me to read the damn paper lady excuse me, I take a deep breath and start over and look up at Kyle quickly seeing a flash of anger cross his face.

"Kyle, I promise to love you every day of my life. I promise to obey you in all things, I promise to follow the rules. I promise to listen to you as I know you always have my best interest in your heart for me. I promise to embrace my new family, I promise to protect this family in any way that I need to do. I promise to keep our home clean and I promise to have each meal cooked for you each day and on time." I whisper, out. "And I promise to prepare the meat you bring home to your fa-family"

That wasn't so bad, I mean I'd always cook for my husband and children and I can't stand a dirty house so those things I can easily do.

"Good, good. Kyle, you may now kiss your bride" the older man says, raising his hands over us and everyone starts to clap loudly, some of the younger ones hollering happily.

Kyle pulls me deeper into his arms and kisses me hard, pushing his tongue deep inside my mouth. He wraps his fingers inside my hair, keeping me from pulling back from him until he breaks apart from my lips and stares down at me.

"Welcome to your new family, my wife," He says softly, but I hear the warning in his eyes.

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