Her New Family

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Chapter 4πŸ–€

I wake up after I don't know how long and blink my eyes hard and fast trying to get the pain in my head to go away. Bringing my hand up, I cup the side of my head feeling a raised bump on the side.

Courtney screaming from the front seat, I guess that's what woke me up. She is holding her face and I turn my head slowly to the side and see the blood rushing down from her nose.

"Oh, my God. My face. My face. It's ruined. I'm going to be ugly. I'll never get married, I'll-"

I break her off those ridiculous thoughts now isn't the damn time to give a shit about her face. She needs to be thankful she is alive.

"Courtney are you alright?" I ask her softly, trying not to raise my voice too loud and hurt my head more than it already was.

"NO, I'M NOT OKAY, MY FACE IS RUINED" she screams at me and turns her face to show me.

If I could handle rolling my eyes right now I would. A broken nose? I tune her out and listen around for Kara not hearing anything from her seat.

"Courtney, how's Kara? I don't hear her" I ask her sitting my body up and laying my head back against the back seat.

Courtney turns her head to the side and just screams some more.

Jesus. She is being too dramatic over a damn broken nose.

"How the fuck is Kara?" I snap at her.

"She-she-" she wails out loudly and raises her hand and points to where Kara was sitting.

Shaking my head slowly, I lean myself over my seat and look over the center console and see that Kara wasn't in her seat.

Starting to panic, I look up to the windshield and notice there was a huge hole in the glass with blood all around the jagged edges.

"Courtney, we need- we need to find Kara. She may be hurt" I tell her and try to climb over my seat slowly to open the door.

"No, no. I can't move" cries, Courtney

She needs to stop talking so loud my head is freaking, killing me and I can barely see out of the right lens of my glasses as it was cracked from hitting my head on the window.

"Is your legs hurting you?" I ask her softly, as I finally find the door handle and open the door hearing it creaking loudly.

"No. My face is ruined" she wails covering her face with her other hand.

"Then help me find Kara. She could be very hurt right now" I snap at her slowly dragging my legs off my seat and onto the ground.

I reach my hand out slowly and hold onto the car door to help hold my balance, I feel like I'm going to be sick. My head pounding inside my head made my stomach turn.

"Courtney come on. HELP ME" I snap at her as my legs wobble causing me to hold on to the car harder as I start to make my way towards the front of the car.

I finally hear her opening the car door behind me as she climbs out still holding her nose.

Making my way towards the hood I see the front of it shamed against the tree and I look at the hood of the car and don't see Kara.

"Kara" I call out her name softly looking around slowly for her walking around the tree hearing Courtney walking behind me.

When I round the tree and finally see her laying on her stomach on the ground in front of the tree with blood under her body.

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