Her New Family

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Chapter 38πŸ–€

We are gathered around the gift table, everyone's talking to us and saying congratulations, I can't keep up with their names right now. So much is being said and my mind is all over the place, I'm staring at these gift bags, remembering all the emotions I once felt like a kid not ever being able to open anything on Christmas day, how my birthday was once the worse day of my life because I remembered Noone loved me enough to even celebrate with me, not even my two best friends.

There has to be at least 10 families here today and I count 10 gift bags on the table, they must have all brought one and that's so heartwarming. They don't even know me but they are welcoming me into their family.

Kyle's receiving back slaps and jokes about the ball and chain from a few boys his age and I can't help but laugh when Drake his older brother pulls Kyle into a hug just to mess with his hair and I smile when I hear Kyle's laughter ring out. He looks extremely happy, surrounded by his family and maybe I'll feel the same way one day, our children would never feel alone and that's something I want most in the world.

I never want my children to ever feel unloved, I never want my children to be alone on a holiday, or their birthday. I never want my kids to ever feel like if they don't do it yourself, then Noone will help them.

Kyle keeps his hand in mine but the weight around my wrist reminds me that I'm back in the rope connected to his hand.

A few minutes later we are gathered around the gift table and Kyle starts handing me bags to unwrap, he doesn't want to unwrap any of them his letting me do them and that makes me happy.

The first bag I open up is an old set of pots and pans, I raise the box showing everyone what we got and I hold the box out for Kyle to take.

"Well, this will come in handy" He chuckles loudly and sets the box down on the left side of the table.

Picking up another one, it's a big brown fur blanket big enough to fit around a queen-size bed. I run my fingers through the fur feeling how soft and warm it is and I hold it up showing everyone and Kyle whispers "that will keep us warm at night wife" He all but purs next to my ears.

I nearly drop the blanket when I hear that, my body getting nervous about what will happen tonight. I don't know if I'm ready for that with him, sure I like him but am I ready? I still need to find something to make my foot bleed so Noone knows I'm not a virgin, nobody can find out. I don't know what Kyle will do if he finds out I'm not a virgin.

Kyle must think me almost dropping the blanket is cute and takes it from my hands. He folds it neatly and places it over the pots and pans box.

I open the rest of the gifts, someone gives us a set of kitchen knives that again look like they belong in an older time. The knives are new so I know they are not used, at least that. A set of spices on a nice-looking wooden rack that the man I think his name is Jim gives us and says he made the stand himself. That was kinda sweet, actually putting work into the gift.

His parents gave us a clothes hanger and washing basket set. Another gift is a set of toiletries, shampoo for both me and Kyle, Conditioner for me, and both of us body washes. The night goes on as I open the rest of the gifts and we thank everyone for the wonderful gifts. We take turns being passed around giving hugs and they all tell me welcome to the family as they hug me.

I'm feeling so welcomed and loved that my tears once again threaten to come out.

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