Her New Family

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Chapter 39πŸ–€

About an hour after we were all enjoying the food, I stuck with just the fruits and vegetables telling Kyle my stomach was too nervous to eat anything heavy and he allowed it. The music playing on an old stereo, Kyle's still holding my hand as he pulls me onto the little dance floor and we start to dance slowly. I'm impressed with how well he dances.

"Are you ready for tonigh wife?" He whispers against my ear, I can feel his lips barely touching me.

"I-am nervous" I stutter out, I'm not ready but at least me saying I'm nervous isn't a downright lie.

"Don't be. Thinking about being the only man to be deep inside you is making me crazy" He tells me as he pushes his body into mine and I can feel him getting harder against me.

"I'll try not to be nervous" I look up and show him a fake smile hoping that it at least looks real.

"It will be amazing" He murmurs before slowly kissing his way down my neck, causing me to look around at the people around us making sure they are not looking and to my surprise, they are not. They are so busy dancing themselves or talking to the others that they finally leave us alone.

"Woohooo look what we have here family" I jump at the sound, it sounds like a man's voice hollering from the woods as we all turn to look we see him carrying a young woman behind him.

"What-" I start to ask before Kyle's annoying face shoots daggers into my face.

"You don't ask questions regarding this wife" He shuts me up quickly and pulls me to where everyone is gathering.

"I was out patrolling the mountain edge, making sure this ceremony wouldn't get interrupted when I found this little lady wondering around and she has a camera with her!" He yells, as he comes through the clearing.

The woman starts to wake up probably from his loud tone and starts to struggle to free her leg from his grasp but he looks too strong for her.

"Well done, Norman. You protect our family so well" the older man walks up and claps him on the back, ignoring the women who now started to scream.

"Please let me go-" she screams before a kid jumps on top of her and slaps her hard across the face.

"We are having a wedding night, your rude to be screaming like that" yells out the little girl as she slaps her again.

My hand without the rope quickly comes up to my mouth as I cover it to keep myself from screaming along with the women. What the hell is going on.

"This is amazing. What a wonderful gift to give to our newest couple" a woman that looks to be in her late 30s claps her hands loudly as a man who I suppose is her husband goes and stands next to the little girl who's now pulling the women's hair.

Gift? Do they give humans as gifts?! I much rather just go home with my pots and pans and the warm blanket.

"Get off me, you sick freak!!!" The woman yells in the little girl's face, but as soon as the woman finishes yelling the little girl whips out a small knife and quickly cuts off the women's tongue.

My eyes bulge out of my sockets as I watch the little girl now hold the tongue up and let the small drops of blood drip down on her tongue as the woman screeches loudly trying to cover her mouth.

The little girl's parents look at her with pride as the boy drags her closer to the gathered people and tosses her in the middle of the group. I look around and see the faces of the people that I talked with all night and I see that they somehow changed, they look wild and hungry. Like a pack of wolves.

I'm trying to back away but Kyle clamps his hand down hard on my arm keeping me in place, I lightly struggle against his hold as my mind fogs over with confusion and I'm terrified. How could this wonderful night turn out like this?

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