Her New Family

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Chapter 40πŸ–€

The family is gathered around the woman who continues to try to crawl away from them as they close in on her, Kyle wraps his arms around my body and pushes me in front of him making me walk up to him. The poor girl looks so frightened but I can't do anything, I can't help her. This is my new family now and I have to follow their traditions.

"I think it should be Danny who should bring home the meat for the new couple, shouldn't he?" The man that drug the women into the town says, holding up his hand towards the other man.

"Oh no I couldn't possibly, it's been too long since I did that. You kids take up all the fun of hunting these days" the older man chuckles looking around at the family with such love.

"That's why you should do it now. What better way to welcome our newest couple than to have the oldest couple gift them with meat" another man hollers from the group getting all the other members excited.

"Please, we love to watch you show us how it's done" woman with blonde hair gushes out and holds up her knife to the old man.

"Well, well. If my family wants my family shall get" the old man mutters sounding annoyed, but his face shows anything but annoyance.

He grabs the knife from the woman and slowly makes his way to the woman before kneeling next to her. "Now I know some of you like to play with your food before you kill" He cuts off and looks towards Kyle and Drake before he continues," but I'm an old man as yall like to joke so much about. I like to get it done. No need for the gift of food to suffer, in my opinion." He stops talking, raising her knife above the woman as she screeches trying to get away from the older man. Two younger boys come up and hold her down just as he plunges the knife deep into her chest hitting her right in the heart.

She starts to cough up blood, looking around towards my family begging us with her eyes to help her but Noone does. Instead, some of the kids go sit next to her and lick the blood off her neck, shirt, even from around her mouth and I can't stop the vomit from clawing its way up my mouth until I bend over throwing up next to Kyle's feet.

Kyle jumps back and watches as I throw up on the ground, once I'm finished he jerks me up shoving his face close to mine, and snarls "You will not embarrass me again like this wife. Do you fucking understand?!"

"Y-yes, I'm sorry Kyle" I cry out as I feel his fingernails digging into my arm.

"I couldn't stop it, the blood I could have handled but seeing the kids licking at her dead body was too much for my stomach" I tried to explain myself hoping he would calm down.

"I don't care. You do not do that again I don't care if you have to swallow it" He snarls loudly into my face before pushing me closer to the women's body.

"Watch," He says in a cold voice while holding my face between his hands, I try to turn my head away but he tightens his hold and I'm scared he will break my neck, so I stop fighting and watch, watch as little kids around the ages of 5,7 and maybe 9 lick the blood of the women.

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