Her New Family

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Chapter 41πŸ–€

Once the kids are done cleaning the blood off, the places they can easily get to that is. They string her up on some kind of hooks, raising her a bit off the ground.

"Son, it's your wedding night. Do the honors" His father tells me and slaps him on the back.

Kyle takes the knife from his father and starts to slice the skin off her arms, laying the skin on a cooking pan he moves the knife to her stomach cutting it open he begins to take out her organs.

I'm keeping my lips tightly shut, I don't want to embarrass my husband again by throwing up again, but I don't think I'll ever be able to stomach watching this.

Once Kyle's done, he takes my hand and leads me up back to his parent's house. "It's time to celebrate our marriage, Izzy" He whispers against my ears.

We make our way through the hall, Kyle not letting go of my hand till we make it into our bedroom and he gently untied the rope from my wrist.

He brings my wrist to his mouth, kissing it slowly before wrapping his arms around my back, pulling me close to him.

"I know we do things differently here, Izzy, but I promise you." If you just give it a chance you will find yourself very loved. You now have a big family would do anything you asked, all you have to do is embrace this new life and your new family and I promise I'll make you happy" He murmurs before he brings his mouth down softly to mine.

After kissing me for a few moments, he pulls me towards the bed without saying a word he quickly pulls the dress over my head, moving his eyes down my body keeping his eyes on the part he wants the most. I can feel my body getting warm under his gaze, feeling my nipples getting hard with the need for my husband and that's when I remember I'm not a virgin. Fuck. I didn't grab anything.

He gently pushes me down on the bed, stepping back he starts to undress himself starting with the button on his suit jacket.

Oh, shit Izzy. Think think think. Looking around the room, I'm not seeing anything I can use to cut my foot. Nothing at all! I read that in a historical romance novel once, the king's new bride needed to look like a virgin.

I'm glad I was such a nerd and read all those books because it's coming in handy tonight.

Looking up I stare at Kyle when he pushes the long sleeve shirt down his body, I notice his muscles flex and I have to say my husband's a very good-looking man.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I think about my fingernails. I haven't cut them in a little while maybe they are long enough that I could maybe cut the bottom of my foot with them??

I quickly bring my hands together while keeping my eyes on Kyle, unbuckling his pants and quickly run my nails across the palm of my hand feeling the sharpness.

Okay maybe this could work, I have to freak do something. I can't let him or his family find out I wasn't a virgin, they may kill me because it doesn't follow the traditions. I send up a quick prayer to the heavens as I see him start to walk up to bed.

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