Her New Family

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Chapter 42πŸ–€

●WARNING- Sexy Time●

He pushes me gently towards the back of the bed towards the headboard and climbs in the bed laying himself on top of me. He brings his mouth to my neck and starts to kiss down it gently.

Brings his right hand up, he gently cups one of my small breasts inside his hand while gently sucking and kissing down my neck.

"You're so beautiful. When I saw you lying in bed so sick, I knew I had to take care of you. I knew that you would be mine to love" He kisses down my neck into my shoulder. "Mine to cherish" He whispers before sucking my other boobs nipples inside my mouth causing me to main out softly.

He kisses and sucks around my boobs for a little while just enjoying himself, running a hand down my stomach he stops a few inches from my pussy and bites my nipple harder causing me to cry out from the little pain.

He cups my pussy roughly, kissing back up my neck, slamming his mouth down hard on mine just as he shoves a finger deep inside me making me cry into his mouth from his roughness.

"I'm sorry darling, I know you are a virgin so I'm trying to take my time but you turn me on so much, I can't wait to sink myself deep inside you" he whispers against my lips as he starts to move his finger in and out of me. Leaning my head to the side, biting my lip roughly to keep the moans inside as he latches his mouth back onto my neck, kissing and sucking.

He grabs one of my hands bringing it down between our bodies, pressing my hand into his dick making me feel him growing against my hand. I can feel him, he was so warm.

"This is what you do to me" He murmurs as he starts to stroke himself against my hand as he speeds up his thrusts into my pussy to match his.

My body's starting to feel hot and needy as I grind my pussy up against his fingers taking them deeper inside me, this must turn him on cause he presses his dick harder into my hand grunting my name out loudly.

He suddenly takes his hand from my pussy, using his hand he spreads my legs apart and moves his dick through my pussy lips softly making his head press against my clit making pleasure shoot through my body down my legs.

He pushes himself up and over my body, I help him and wrap my legs around his waist as he kisses me deeply pushing his tongue deep inside my mouth as he starts to push his dick inside of me, and then I remember I'm supposed to be feeling pain like a virgin instead of the pleasure.

Closing my eyes I cry out, hoping to God that it sounds real as he pushes himself further inside me, his moaning and grunting the deeper he does in so I doubt his making much attention to how fake or real I sound which is a good thing for me.

"This is going to hurt Baby, I'm going to shove my dick deeper inside you and break your virgin wall and you will truly be mine" that's the only warning he gives me before doing exactly as he just said. He pushes himself deeper inside me with a hard thrust and I cry out for real this time from the pleasure but also the pain, it's been a while for me, and his thick, I feel him stretching my walls as he hits deep inside me.

"That's it, baby, shhh I'm in now" He whispers against my lips as he breathes hard into my face, I tighten my legs around his waist pulling him as deep as I can get the movement making me moan his name as he hits my g spot with the head of his dick.

"I'm going to move now, baby" he grunts and starts to move himself in and out of my now wet pussy, I'm trying to not enjoy this so much due to the situation I'm in with this man but his touch, feeling him inside me feels so good. I feel so loved right now and it's amazing.

We are both moving together, thrusting our bodies up and down, making love to each other both getting lost in the pleasure of the other's bodies when I suddenly remember. I need to bleed.

I bring my hands around your butt making it look like I'm wanting to hold him tighter but I'm really bringing my hand to my foot and digging my nails as hard into my skin as I can making me cry out, thankfully Kyle thinks it from us having sex which only makes him move our bodies together hard as I start to see my fingernail into my skin harder. I feel my finger starting to get wet and I know I'm bleeding now, I just need to bloody the sheet.

Without thinking twice I push him to the side making him lay on his back and I climb on top of him. I shove my feet under his legs and rub the heel of my foot hard down on the bed where I was just laying as I line his dick up with my pussy and slam my body back down on top of him.

"I'm going to cum Izzy" He cries out just before I feel his warm cum shooting deep inside my body triggering my release as we both cum together.

Once we catch our breath I climb off of him remembering to rub my foot against his dick as I do so to leave a little blood on it and close my eyes. Soon we are both fast asleep and I'm hoping I did enough of a good job with the blood that no one will know anything.

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