Her New Family

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Chapter 43πŸ–€

A knock on our bedroom the next morning wakes us up, mother comes rushing into the room, and without even asking if we have clothes on she rips the blanket off of us.

"Mother! We were still sleeping" Kyle grumps loud, placing the pillow over his head to hide from the light that's coming through our window.

"I know I know but it's almost 8 am and people will be wanting to see the sheets," she says exactly as she begins to take the bottom sheep from underneath us.

"Can't this wait?" I ask, softly. This isn't how I wanted to be woken up this morning. Not by my husband's mother in a quick rush to flash our sheet with my blood on it out the window for our family to see it!

That's so medieval, I feel like I'm actually in a historical novel right now. I didn't know anyone still did this, I mean I don't know any other family like this one so I can't say that I guess.

"No, of course not. We want to have that sheet out as soon as possible. Get out of bed, you two kids" the mother says in a rush grabbing on to Kyle and trying to pull him out of bed.

"Alright, Mother!" Kyle snaps playfully and climbs out of bed, leaving me in the bed trying to hold on to the bottom sheet.

"I don't think I want anyone seeing this" I murmur talking to myself, but the mother and Kyle hear it and his mother speaks up before he can.

"Nonsense. Women in the family have been doing this for many years! I've done it and it gives our boys a thing to brag about to the other men. You know men like gossip" she chuckles as he grabs onto my hand, jerking me softly off the bed and quickly grabs the sheet before I can even blink.

Damn, she is fast I can't help but chuckle to myself, she wanted that sheet.

She goes to the bedroom window, unlocking it and pushing it upon she takes out safety pins and pins two sides of the sheet onto the window seal and I just know that bright red stain is showing perfectly. I mean it's not my virginity blood but I have to act as if it is. I don't care if anyone sees my foot blood.

The mother turns from the window seal and pulls me into her arms. "Welcome to the Family Izzy. I finally have a daughter" she whispers into my ear as I feel her arms wrapping tighter around me and I can't help it, I hug her back. I never felt a mother's love before and right now I'm so happy to be hugging this woman.

She hasn't done anything but welcome me into this family, and that's exactly what it is here... It's weird don't get me wrong I still don't agree with the eating people part but everything, well everything I can get used to I smile inside my head feeling extremely happy for the first time In a very long time and that's thanks to Kyle and my new family.

"Okay I must go downstairs and finish making breakfast, Izzy since last night was your wedding day and I know you are very sore today will give you the day off from chores. Spend it with Kyle. Get to know your mother's family members around here. I'll see you two downstairs for breakfast in a few minutes" she blows us both kisses and walks out the door closing it softly behind her.

"Your mother is something else" I chuckle softly, still staring at the door.

"She likes you. She is really happy that I found your wife" He says with a smirk on his face walking up to me, wrapping his arms around me, and kissing me deeply "and I'm happy too." He moans against my lips.

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