Her New Family

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Chapter 44πŸ–€

We go downstairs to join the family for breakfast a few minutes later, Rachel is standing in front of the stove making some eggs.

"What are you kids going to do today?" She asks us, as we both make our way into the kitchen.

"I'm going to show Izzy around momma," Kyle says as he pulls a chair out and motions for me to sit at the table.

"Oh, son. I have a favor. Would you mind running into town and seeing if you can find us a few chickens? The family gave us some to get us back started but they are not old enough to produce yet" Rachel says and hands us both a plate full of eggs.

I only ever eat my eggs with ketchup but I don't know if I should ask if they have some I don't want to sound greedy.

Kyle must see my face while looking at the eggs and he asks "What's the wrong wife?"

"Oh, I was just wishing I had some ketchup is all" I laugh softly trying to make it sound like it's no big deal but I do hate plain tasting eggs.

"Honey, why didn't you just say so. We have ketchup. It's in the fridge." She laughs along with me, and quickly grabs the small ketchup bottle from the fridge and hands it to me.

"Oh, okay, thank you. I wasn't going to ask-" I started to explain that I wasn't trying to ask for more than they wanted to give. I still need to learn how things work and I don't know how much money they have and what they can afford.

"Nonsense. Your family. This house until Kyle makes yalls own is yours. Your welcome to everything" she smiles and lays her hand on top of mine on the table and I can feel my throat starting to close up with emotion.

When I was living with my latest foster family, I wasn't allowed to just open the fridge I had to ask and I wasn't allowed to ask for anything else other than what was on my plate. I used to save ketchup packets from fast food places.

"Thank you - I appreciate that" I whisper, still overcome by my emotions.

"But yes, mother, that's fine. We can run and see what we can find in town that is if Izzy will behave herself?" He turns to me with a raised eyebrow, and waits for my answer.

"Of course" I murmur while pouring a little bit of ketchup over my eggs.

"Good. Because we wouldn't want the family to get in trouble, would we? I mean they have invited you into all their lives, it would be shameful to cause them harm" He says, but I can hear the warning in his tone.

"I won't say anything. Everyone's been so nice to me" I whisper while looking him in the eyes so maybe he understands that I mean it.

"Good. I won't be able to connect the ropes while we are in town, but Wife, if you try to get me caught or in trouble, I'll have to punish you. That's clear?" He asks.

"Yes, it's clear husband." I shake my head, yes, and take a small bite of my eggs while looking sideways at him. I wish he would just drop the subject, I told him I wouldn't say anything.

"Kyle. I think she gets it. Eat your food please. The mother says as she places two cups of milk in front of us.

"Yes, mother" He smiles at her and begins to eat.

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