Her New Family

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Chapter 46πŸ–€

Once we get inside the truck, Kyle unties the rope from our hands and starts the truck up. He rolls down our windows and puts the music on softly pulling away from the houses.

5 minutes later we are heading down the mountain, I stick my head out and feel the warm breeze hitting my face making me smile. Kyle must be watching me because I hear him laughing, he grabs my foot I guess just in case I don't fall out. I'm having so much right now.

I know it's nothing fancy but all my life I've been serious, worrying about everything, and according to Kyle I don't need to worry about anything anymore and that's so freeing I could almost cry.

A few minutes later Kyle turns into town and I see a few shops lining a gravel road. It's a small town, not any big chain store around here just family-owned stores.

Kyle pulled over in front of a feed store and killed the truck. "Ready to get out love?" He smiles, and opens his door.
Smiling back, I open my door and slowly jump down from the truck. Kyle walks around the truck, grabs my hands and shuts my door as we walk hand and hand into the store.

He grabs a few seed packets off the shelf and hands them to me to hold and heads to the back of the store and we walk out the back and I see a few fences with different animals in them.

We walk up towards the chicken pin and we see a few chickens pecking at the now dried up grass.

"Pick them out, baby" he smirks at me and motions towards the chickens.

"They are for your momma. You pick" I laugh, bending over trying to pet one.

"So. You can pick them out. She won't care they are just chickens babe" He laughs along with me.

"Well. The two white hens and the little brown one with the fluffy feet look pretty." I point them out to Kyle, and he tells the sells person standing near us.

"And how about the rooster?" He asks, pulling me towards a separate pen and I see about 4 roosters fluffy their feathers.

"How about that big white one?" I ask Kyle, and point the rooster out.

"That's the one you want?" He asks me.

"Yes," I smile at him.

They are so cute. I always loved animals but wasn't even allowed to have any growing up.

"Alright then," He tells the salesman which rooster we want and he helps us carry them to the back of our truck after Kyle pays and we lock up the little pin with them in it and climb back into the truck.

"Want to see some more shops while we are here?" He asks me. "You did very good, baby. You picked out some good chickens. Mother will be happy."

"Thank you" I whisper

"I know you like to read, I found a book in your bag the first night you got to the house. Once I start picking up jobs I'll bring you to the little book store they have around here and get you some to enjoy" He smiles leaning over and kissing my cheek softly.

"That would be amazing. I could get a job too-" I start to say but he cuts me off gently.

"No, no. The women take care of the home baby, remember. I'll take care of you and our family" He reminds me and starts up the truck and we head back up the mountain.

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