Her New Family

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Chapter 47πŸ–€

Later that afternoon after Kyle and I got back from town we are helping his mother pull up the winds in the garden area. She was happy with the chickens I picked out and said I had an eye for the good ones. I didn't tell her I picked those for the health or whatever I only picked those because they looked pretty and that's Kyle and my secret.

Frank and Rachel had cut the grass down in the garden while we were at the store, but we still have some overgrown areas that needed to be hand-plucked, which is what we are doing now.

"What's your name?" A sweet little voice says, from behind me.

Slowly I turn around after plucking a stubborn root out the ground and answer the little girl " My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Izzy. What's yours?" I ask her.

"Mines, Ruby. My daddy's name is Danny." She smiles and points over at a man, talking to Frank.

"Ah, okay," I don't know what to say. She is the same little girl that cut out the man's tongue so I'm super nervous right now. I hope she doesn't go for the tongue.

"You are very pretty" she gushes out, kneels next to me, and starts pulling out the long grass with me which causes Kyle and Rachel to smile over at us.

"Yes, my wife is the prettiest girl in the world" Kyle smirks at me while agreeing with the little girl.

"But Kyle! You said I was the prettiest" she hits the ground, sticking out her bottom lip she starts to pout.

"Hey, hey. I have to say she is the prettiest girl or I may be sleeping outside tonight" He holds his hands out but winks at me over the little girl's head when she turns towards me with a satisfied smile.

"Well, that's true I guess. Don't worry, she can be the second prettiest though" she claps her hands together like she just solved a major problem.

"Sure kiddo that sounds like a plan" smiles Kyle before he quickly picks her up and swings her around "Now go on and find your daddy. We got work to do" He tells her while setting her down on the ground.

She runs towards the direction that her daddy was, but soon she is skipping over to another woman who's watering what looks to be some carrots.

"That's Danny's daughter. Remember the one I told you lost her momma?" Kyle looks back towards the girl, looking sad. "She took it rough at first, then the family rallied behind her and she got whatever she wanted from us all for years" he chuckles.

"I'll remember that" I laugh while jerking hard on a weed before it finally comes out but I was yanking too hard and once the weed comes out my ass goes flying backward and I land hard on my butt.

Kyle just laughs at me first a few minutes before bending down, helping me up.

He's about to open his mouth when we hear someone shouting " Intruder". I quickly look around and see people rushing to the front gate. Kyle grabs my hand and runs with me and Rachel. When we get close enough, I can see an angry-looking man.

"I know my daughters here! Give her to me you damn hillbillies!" He says in such a hard way that I can see spit, flying out his mouth.

"What seems to be the problem?" The older man named Danny, with Norma walking behind him. Danny approaches the man with his arms raised in a calm down gesture.

"My problem is my daughter told me she was coming hiking on this fucking mountain and she hasn't been home! Where the fuck is she?!" He snarls, pushing his way past two of the younger boys in the family.

"We haven't seen anyone, besides the members that live here. I'm very sorry" Norma softly speaks up. This man must be looking for that woman that they all killed during my wedding night! Oh shit.

"Bullshit. I demand you give her to me or I'll have the cops up here so fast your chickens over there will lose all their feathers! He screams walking up to Danny aggressively.

"Now listen here, young man. I just told you, your daughter is not here. I can't give her to you if we very well don't get her. Ya hear?" Danny's still speaking, in a calm and collected voice. I wonder how many times this has happened in the past. I don't see anyone acting shocked or surprised so I'm guessing a few.

"Listen here, you ugly inbred hillbillies, I'll fucking-" He doesn't get to finish that sentence because he falls to the ground and I Norma standing behind him holding up a bloody knife.

"No one speaks badly about my family" she snarls down on the man and spits on him. Bringing the hem of her old dress-up she slowly cleans the blood on the knife as the man starts choking on the blood in his mouth at her feet. The younger kids are clapping for Norma and she bows for them.

She looked so innocent but the look in her eyes right now or anything but true violence. I guess Kyle was telling the truth, the women in the family do know how to kill. I just hope I won't have to.

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