Her New Family

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Chapter 5πŸ–€

Letting go of the tree hoping I don't fall down and slowly make my way to her and my legs give out just as I walk close enough next to her.

"Oh god, is she dead?" Cries, Courtney

I focus my eyes and finally see her back moving up and down slowly. Good, she is alive, at least that but we have to help her, or she may not be alive for long.

"Sh-she is breathing," I tell Courtney as I slowly push Kara onto her back so I can get a better look at her.

Finally, pushing her on her back, I see she has cuts on her face and her head from hitting the glass windshield. I press my fingers into her neck and feel a light slow pulse. It's barely there, we need to get help for her now.

"Courtney go to the car and call 911," I tell her and slowly lift Kara's head into my lap.

I run my hands over her body checking for injuries and I feel a long line going down her side and look down to see my hand now is covered in blood. This isn't good at all.

"HURRY COURTNEY" I yell at her looking towards the car to see her bend over the driving side seat before pulling her body back out.

"I don't have any service" she yells, waves her phone around in her hand.

"Check mine and Karas" I shout

Please let one of us have service we need to get Kara's help as soon as we can.

A few moments later I heard Courtney starting to curse.

Let me guess no fucking service?

"Kara's phone has no bars and yours, well I should have known better things to check that cheap thing" she hollers before walking towards me and Kara.

Well, excuse me. Not everyone has parents to fucking buy them everything. Yeah, my phone is low-priced but I got it for myself. I worked for it.

Shaking my head I close down my thoughts, now isn't the time for this. Who gives a shit what she says while Kara is laying her probably bleeding to death I scold myself.

Looking around us all I see is fields and trees, the rains still pouring down making it harder to see what's going on around us and to see what's up ahead.

Do we try to carry Kara somewhere or do we stay here and hope someone comes? We haven't seen anyone on this road in a while. Courtney wanted to take a short cut, putting us down a dead road.

Okay, think Izzy. Think.

What do we do? If we walk, we will have to carry Kara along with us, we can't just leave her here. The question though is where the fuck do we even walk to? I don't feel like walking through the fields know telling what the hell is there. I know we don't walk back the way we came because nothing there the nearest town I think was like 40 minutes away and that was by car not walking slower than normal while carrying an unconscious woman.

"Courtney," I say while looking down at Kara, I know the answer we will have to try to find Kara some help.

"Yeah," she asks as she walks closer to us, I finally notice she is limping. She must have hurt her leg when we crashed.

Great. That will only make us move a lot slower, not her fault but still. Can this night get any worse?

"You will have to help me carry Kara," I tell her when she bends down next to me, rubbing her leg.

"Carry her where? There isn't anywhere to carry her to" she shouts shoving her hands in her face, moving her bangs out the way.

"I don't know Courtney, but we can't just be here with Kara so badly hurt. We have to get her some help or she will die, do you understand that?" I snap at her without meaning to, but she isn't helping I'm well aware we have nowhere to walk to but we have to do something. Anything hell at this point to try to help Kara!

"Just help me pick her up," I tell her

Nodding she helps me stand her up and we each wrap one of her arms around us holding her body up and I lean her head on my shoulder so it doesn't hang forward.

"Which way?" Courtney asked.

I nod my head forward.

"We know what's behind us. We have to try walking ahead and see if we can find a phone or people at least" I tell her as we both start to walk forward slowly taking sluggish steps under Kara's weight and our injuries.

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