Her New Family

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Chapter 48πŸ–€

They have that man strung up on that big book connected to the tree in one of the corners of the fenced-in compound. Blood dripping from the knife wound into a big blue barrel beneath him. Kyle told me they let the meat stay like that for a few hours to let the blood all drain out, making it easier to skin, he said.

Rachel and I went back to tending to the garden without Kyle this time, he stayed back with the men going over plans for our new home. That's right, you heard me correctly. Kyle wants to start getting our home built for us. I can't wait, I've never had my own home. Hell, I never even had my bedroom really, unless you could the little basement area I was living in a bedroom?

He said it will be on the smaller side right now because winter is coming soon and he would rather have us a small house completely done with having it half assessed, his words not mine. I told him it was fine, the size didn't matter to me. I was just super happy with having my own home.

I'll get to decorate it how I like. Kyle said once he saves money from the jobs he will be picking up in town, we will go to the furniture store and check out what they got in the second-hand area.

Later in the day, everyone gathers around the man hanging from the hook, the little kids are throwing things at the now more than dead man when I hear women scold them "Kids you don't play with your food like that!"

"What are we doing?" I ask softly, looking around as everyone just stands around the hung man bowing their heads.

"Shh child." The mother whispers hard, and gives me a cold stare.

"She doesn't know mother!" Kyle snaps at her softly, but sternly. He leans over coming to my ear and whispers " We pray for his offering. Thankful for the food he is providing us."

"Oh alright," I whisper when he kisses my cheek then goes back to bowing his head and Praying?

I heard the older man's voice cuts through the darkness and speaks loudly "We are here to give our thanks for our new meal. We are always thankful to have enough food to feed our family. We are thankful you have sent us this blessing great one. Thank you" the family repeats his thank you.

I chance to peak my eyes open to see if the others are open as well and they are okay good. I don't want to get caught. The old man I think his name Is Danny too climbs up off his knees from in the middle of the gathered family and turns towards the dead man.

"Who's having the honors tonight, everyone?" He says, looking around at everyone.

"My wife has yet to hold a knife to meat, Sir. I think she should be able to at least cut one slice" Kyle speaks up and I quickly raise my hands and pull at his arm. What the fuck. No, I don't want to do this. I was happy with being a part of this family but not the killing part, I didn't want to do any killing!

"Kyle, please, no. I don't want to kill anybody" I whisper against his ear trying to pull my body back as he begins walking us forward.

"Baby, he is already dead so you won't be killing him. Don't embarrass me Izzy" He said against my ear, his tone turning colder.

I don't want to hurt this man, I know I know he's already dead but just the thought of taking a knife well I don't know what kinda tool Kyle wants me to use but I expect it to be a knife. I don't want to do anything like this.

This is where the thoughts in my head start to clash together hard, giving me a headache. Part of my head is telling me just to try it. Kyle wants us to and we should do anything to make Kyle happy because he's our husband and we finally have a family that loves us. The other part, however, is screaming for me to run as far as I can away because killing people isn't right at all.

What do I do?

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