Her New Family

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Chapter 49πŸ–€

Everyone around us agrees and claps for me as my heart starts to want to beat out my chest. I think I'm going to hyperventilate, how could he be making me do this.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll help you" Kyle murmurs against my ear softly as he drags me towards the hanging man. His hand was tight around me, I couldn't run if I tried to. I don't want to embarrass my man but I don't believe I have it in me to do this... I know he's dead already so I'm technically not killing him but cutting human flesh? I don't know.

As soon as we walk upon the man, Kyle takes his knife from his belt loop and places it inside my hand. He keeps his hand over the knife with mine, which is a good thing because I'd drop it, being my hands are so shaky. Looking down I see them trembling, Kyle's fingers are the only reason the knife stays in my hand right now.

"Being this is Izzy's first time doing anything like this, I will be assisting her" Kyle speaks loudly to the family members gathered around us. "Don't worry, baby" he whispers against my ear and raises our hands.

"It's a wonderful sight to witness someone's first time truly joining our way of life," Norma says sounding a little like she may cry, her voice breaking at the end.

"I know dear, I know" I hear Danny's grizzly-like voice talking to her.

"You can do this Izzy" Rachel calls out to me softly. "Yeah, little sister you got his" Drake adds his encouragement but right now I'm feeling anything but encouragement, I'm feeling sick to my stomach.

Kyle stands behind me pressing his back asking my chest, he grabs the man's arm holding it out in front of me with one hand, and presses the tip of the blade down against the man's skin just under his elbow.

I'm breathing so fast, my heart pounding in my chest so loud that I can barely hear Kyle whispering next to my ear. I have no idea what he's saying but I feel his fingers and hand tighten around mine and we press the knife down together.

Seeing the first drop of blood run down the man's arm I clamp my mouth shut with my teeth, just in case I need to throw up again. Kyle told me not to embarrass him.

"You're doing very well-baby," Kyle murmurs against the back of my head and I shake my head trying to clear my thoughts when I feel something hard pressing against my back.

Oh my god.. Is he getting hard? Is he turned on by this? What the fuck? I can't even comprehend what's happening right now. So many emotions are running through my head... Disgust at what I'm being forced to do but also pride... Pride that I'm making my husband happy. That I'm doing my part as his wife and making him proud of me and that's an amazing feeling.

Kyle moves the knife down the man's arm pressing harder and I start to see the skin coming apart as the blood starts to flow slowly down his arm, it is not a lot being most of his blood is in the barrel below him but it's enough to catch my eye and keep me fixated.

A few minutes later I see that we have finished cutting a strip off and Kyle holds it up in the air while the others cheer my name and I can't help the smile that slowly flashes across my face.

"I'm so proud of you wife. Let's go get cleaned up shall we?" Kyle murmurs against the back of my neck, before kissing it.

"Yes," I whisper keeping my eyes on the now missing skin until my husband drags me away, walking us through the family members and feeling them pat me on the back in a good job kinda way.

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