Her New Family

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Chapter 50πŸ–€

-One month later-

It's been a month since that night, I still dream about it but it is not a nightmare I'd expect it to be, no it's the opposite. Someone comes up the mountain and Kyle and I kill the Intruder together.

I wake up in a cold sweat after each dream knowing something must be wrong with me. I spoke to Kyle about my dream one night and he told me it was my heart's way of expecting my new life and my new family.

Kyle's been picking up jobs in town, little side jobs that pay cash. He and a few other males in the family have been gathering wood and started to build me and Kyle's home. It's at the far end of the compound, the houses as they are made just go down a straight line.

I have been helping Rachel in her garden but it's a little late, winter is coming, which is why Kyle's pushing our home being built so hard. He wants us to be in it before the cold weather comes. Rachel and I have finished clearing the garden and it's now empty waiting for the time when we can begin again.

I have been preparing the animals for winter as well, they cut a bunch of tall grass to make hay for them. I found some fairy lights in town one day with Kyle and ended up putting them around Rachel and Franke's kitchen coup. They thought it was a cute idea and left them. The lights were on sale for 99 cents, so Kyle gave me the money. He said if little lights make me smile that big I could get them and he even got me a pack for our chicken coup, when we do get them that is.

We haven't had an Intruder come into the compound since that man and I heard the whispering around the families that we are getting low on meat and something about a hunt going on.

I hope I won't be expected to go on any kinda hunt, Kyle told his father that he would be going and I think Drake as well and Frank right along with him. Kyle told me one day when I asked him about people coming up here, he said they tend to come more in the warm weather than the cold so we have to stock up whatever that means.

Kyle and my marriage have been really good, we talk late into the hours, well I mostly talk about my many foster homes which always ends the same way with him reassuring me that I found my forever home and I didn't need to worry about that anymore.

He can't seem to keep his hand off me, it feels like every night we have been trying new things and I won't lie and I'm hating it because I'm not.. like at all. His mouth and fingers do wonders for my body.

I am nervous however about not being on any birth control, I had searched my suitcase the other day once I remembered and never found them. I brought up that subject with Kyle and he said If it happens it happens. It's God's will.

I would love to have my own little family, I'd never let any of my children ever feel unwanted or unloved but I'm just not sure if we are ready for that huge step just yet.

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