Her New Family

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Chapter 51πŸ–€

The next morning Rachel comes into the room without knocking making Kyle mutter about getting a damn lock and can't wait for our house to be built.

"We are having a family meeting in a few minutes. Yall need to get dressed and we need to head outside. Norma has said it will start in about 10 minutes. It's an important meeting" she says, before leaving and not even shutting the door behind her.

"Well, I guess we better get up" He groans sitting up in bed, bringing his hands to his face and rubbing his tired eyes. We stayed up late last night again. They have a few board games and Kyle and I played clue till about 2 am which we shouldn't have. I'm glad Kyle doesn't have a job to do today because he would have been very tired.

We quickly climb out the bed and get dressed. He grabs my hand and we hand into the kitchen where Frank and Rachels drinking some coffee.

"Good. I don't want us to be late. The elders were at Danny's last night discussing the food situation. It's an emergency meeting" Frank says as we walk into the room and stand next to the table.

Rachel fixed us each a plate of eggs and what looks like bacon and I try my hardest not to think about what kind of meat this bacon is and eat.

Drake comes into the kitchen a few minutes later with messy hair and muttering about it being too early. Drake and Kyle have two different personalities. Drakes more on the funnier side were Kyle's serious, Drakes more on the lazy side where Kyle likes to help whenever he can. That's one thing I like about him, he seems to have a big heart.

After we all finish eating, we put our dishes in the sink and Rachel tells Frank she will clean them when the meetings are over. Heading outside I feel the wind starting to pick up, yeah winter is coming. I wonder if we are so high it will show up here, I never had a white Christmas before.

I see a few of the family members already gathered around Danny and Norma's house while they are standing above them on the steps of the cabin. While looking towards their house, I see that they have the nicest looking house here. They have a little porch with some steps, while none of the others have a porch.

Why is that? I wonder if Kyle will add a porch to ours. I would like a porch. Sitting outside watching the birds and drinking some coffee sounds pretty relaxing right now.

When we get closer to the group I hear Danny's voice calling out " Thank you, my family, for rushing over here, I'm sorry to have called the meeting so sudden but this is an important one. We are extremely low on meat. What we have in storage will not last through winter, not for our whole compound" I hear his tone dropping to a sad one at the end.

I wonder how many times over the years has this happened? Do they eat other meat as well or just humans? That's a good question I'll need to remember it later so I can ask Kyle.

"I have no other choice than to call the annual hunt again, this year. We had one a few months ago but not everyone was lucky to bring home food for the family." He raises his eyebrows and looks over to a few of the younger looks, boys. They seem to be around 15-16 years old. "I need everyone to try their very best, and bring us back something. We need it for storage and to help fill each other's freezers for wintertime. This is our survival, my family and it must be done!" He ends his speech with a shout.

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