Her New Family

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Chapter 53πŸ–€

A few hours later we are deep into the woods, we have been walking for hours and my legs are already sore as shit. I need to work out more for things like this. Kyle's not even breaking a sweat, and he keeps on having to tell me to walk slow. I keep on tripping over limbs but it's not my fault, I told him I never hunted before.

The bugs are starting to get all over my face, which makes Kyle spray me down with more bugs spray. This is horrible. I don't plan on coming hunting for fun any time soon at all.

He tells me to start walking softer as he spots a campfire going a few yards away from us. He puts his fingers to his mouth motioning for me to shh as we start walking slowly towards the camp.

Once we get into a good seeing a spot I notice it's a woman and a man roasting marshmallows around the fire, I see the woman leaning against the man talking to him as I feel Kyle pushing his hand down on my shoulder making me bend down next to him.

"This is what we are going to do, baby." I'm going to help you shoot the woman then I'll take down the man with my bow. I'm a better shot with my bow and he will probably run" He murmurs.

"Kyle-" I start whispering that I can't do this but he's holding, pulling me in front of with the gun in his hand.

"This gun is a rifle. It's for smaller people so it shouldn't kick back hard. It's the one I used as a child. You will need to look through the lens and find where you want to shoot the women. As soon as you fire, ill need to let go of you and the gun to get the man alright? It's going to be a fast movement but whatever you don't move. I'll step beside you, don't I don't hit you, but you are never to step in front of my bow. Understand baby?" He whispers against my ear, I have to strain to listen to him.

"Yes," I whisper and put my eye to the lens thing and look for the women.

"You have it pointed to her baby?" He asks.

"Yes. It's on her stomach." I whisper. Thank God his hands are holding the gun steady in my hands because I wouldn't be able to keep the gun where I want it.

"Good. That's a big zone for you to hit so you shouldn't miss it. Good job baby. Now when you're ready, put your finger on the trigger and press it." He murmurs, pushing his chest against my back.

Nodding my head, I slowly bring my fingers to the trigger and look through the lens again, lining it was I want to shoot the poor woman. I'm having so much mixed emotions right now but for my family, I will do this.

I quickly press the button and a loud bang comes from the gun and I see the women crashing down screaming on the forest floor. The man quickly stands up screaming and asking the woman what's wrong before he sees the blood start to flow through her shirt.

"What the fuck?! Who's out there. You shot my girlfriend!" He screams, but suddenly shuts up with I see an arrow now sticking out of his head as he crashes down on the ground next to the woman.

"Good job baby," Kyle says pride lacing his voice as he pushes past me walking towards the now dead couple laying in front of us. I don't move, I stay in my spot and feel my hand tightening around the gun. Why am I not more freaked out right now, I'm feeling happy... I'm happy that I'm able to bring home my family the meat we are all desperately in need of.

This was fun.

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