Her New Family

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Epilogue πŸ₯²πŸ–€

Two months after that hunt, Kyle had our house up and all finished, he even added me a small porch on the side. My garden is flourishing, I have watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers well, just everything you can imagine a garden to have I have it.

Kyle and I went on a few more hunts together, my last hunt I didn't even need his help. I pulled the trigger all on my own hitting the man in the chest while my wonderful husband looked at me with nothing but pride covering his face.

1 month after that wonderful hunt, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I was nervous at first, not having a mother figure of my own to look up to besides Rachel now, I was so scared I wouldn't be a good mother but Kyle assures me I'll be the best every time he sees that flash of worry cross my face.

Rachel comes over to help me tend to my garden as I'm around 6 months pregnant now and my belly is huge. I definitely can't bend over and pull up wild-growing weeds.

I picked out my chickens, I have 4 beautiful hens and a large brown male. The male feathers are absolutely beautiful, the blue almost glitters in the sunlight.

Drake found him a woman, he grabbed her from down one day and brought her back. That wasn't an easy transition, I tell you, but she learned her new family would always take care of her and has calmed down a lot. Kyle thinks she could be dangerous to me so I'm not allowed around Charlie if he's not around until she sees this way of life is better.

Norma sadly passed away, leaving Danny a grieving mess, but he still holds a tight hand around the family. Keeping us safe, making sure we have what we need.

The family put together a baby shower for me and the child's nursery is decorated with beautiful furs on the walls. Kyle let me paint it a light yellow color being we don't know the gender yet and he even built me a rocking chair. I love it. Many nights he will find me talking or reading to the baby while I rock myself to sleep the most night, which ends up making Kyle carry me and my swollen belly to bed, but he never complains.

Kyle told me yesterday that a lot of the family members that don't live here or coming up for a yearly get-together. It will be fun meeting and getting to know my other family members. I don't miss my old life at all. No, I didn't come into this family in the best way but I'm glad we ended up walking to that farm that night.

Life here wasn't the easiest to get used to at first, it was hard. It felt like my head was being pulled apart from good and bad. Completely made me confused. I never fit in anywhere or with any other family until this one so maybe just maybe I was born to be a part of this family.

"How're my babies?" Kyle comes up behind me and kisses the back of my neck, wrapping his arms gently around my growing belly, rubbing it slowly.

"We are perfect baby" I turn my head and smile up at him.

Just perfect.

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