Her New Family

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Chapter 6πŸ–€

"Try to walk a little faster, Courtney, please" I beg her. She is dragging behind, which isn't her fault, I know she is hurt, but we need to go a little faster. Kara's leaving a trail of blood behind us, I don't know how much she has lost already.

"I'm trying Izzy. My legs killing me" she snaps just as her leg gives out and she falls to the ground pulling me and Kara down with her.

"Shit," I say as we all three hit the ground and I hear Kara moaning from the impact.

Oh maybe she is waking up?

"Kara, can you hear me"? I lean down and press my ear close to her mouth but all I hear is another moan.


"I'm sorry" Courtney apologizes and we both climb to our feet again, slipping our arms around Kara and picking her back up.

I try to strain my eyes through the rain and look around seeing if I see anything and I don't. Nothing at all.

"Let's keep going Court" I whisper

We start back walking slowly staggering down the road while Kara continues to moan from pain I'm guessing.

I tighten my arm around her and say "It's okay Kara. We will find you help soon"

"I don't know how we can't even see anything in front of us" Courtney complains.

"Can you just give me a little support?" I snap.

I'd like to be back in the car heading home right now too, even heading down to my fucked up foster family. We are all in this situation, I'm not happy about it either, but all her complaining isn't going to help any of us.

"I'm fucking trying Izzy. I'm scared alright? Kara's hurt, it's dark" she starts to cry softly, quickening her steps up a little at least.

"I know, I'm sorry for snapping alright, but have to keep going" I gently tell her after I apologize. I feel bad that I snapped but we just need to think positive.

"What if we can't find help?" She asks while rubbing the rain off her face, just as a loud thunder sounds close to us making us jump.

Our clothes are soaking wet, and mine are starting to stick tighter against my body making my thighs raw.

"We have to" I whisper.

"I want my parents. I wish I was home right now" she says

"So do I Courtney," I tell her. I'd rather be in my bedroom in the basement than have to walk miles down a dark road surrounded by an open field. I mean have you seen horror movies?

Courtney chooses that time to say

"It reminds me of that movie we watched a while back, remember? Jeepers creepers?" She says, and starts to look around quickly

"Oh god Court, why did you even have to bring that up for god's sake" I cry and look behind us and in the sky making sure I don't see anything.

My heart started to beat out my chest, I was focused and worried about Kara I never really gave into any fear about the situation.

"More like the movie, Texas Chainsaw" I mumble at least trying to be scared of something else besides something flying out of the sky and grabbing me.

"Oh, shit. You're right" Courtney starts to freak out.

"I was joking Courtney. Relax. That just happens in the movies. I was trying to make myself less scared of The Creeper" I explained.

"You never know, it could happen" she rushes it

Lord, now I regret even mentioning it. She wasn't that freaked out about something coming out of the sky but she was scared of Cannibals. The creeper killed people cause he was a demon, the Sawyer family just killed people to eat them, they were poor and they had to eat somehow... On some level, I even understand that.

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